Sunday, April 16, 2017

Jackson Hewitt is the worst.

Not Cosmetic related in the absolute slightest. Jackson Hewitt is the worst, at least the branch we went to. The preparers couldn't be more inept it took them, almost seven hours over the course of two days to do my husband and my taxes. The main preparer Sue kept saying she didn't understand Mass state taxes. We were doing them in Wyoming as we were temporarily there for my husband's job. She actually said at one point 'Massachusetts is shit'. Professional. She also claimed she didn't understand our Massachusetts insurance forms and that they were wrong despite being fresh from their original envelopes. Eventually on the second day, where five hours came in as the first two hours were near closing Friday night and we came in Saturday. Sue had yet more problems understanding the paperwork. She said my forms couldn't be right because she didn't understand stocks and it was a form of trades and stocks revenue. Yes, it was correct and I had to insist it was, so she asked if we could come back in twenty minutes when her manager was back and she could give the form the ok. So we go home with my 15 month old and 7 week old, my husband and I had been switching off sitting in the car with them as we have only the one vehicle and had somewhere to be, with just 'twenty minutes' okay fine. Another hour passed, we order dinner. Finally get the call, naturally there goes dinner based on how well it has been going. We get there and our preparer is now having computer errors that include her forgetting her log in and fun things like letting her four year old grand daughter run rampant around the stall to interrupt showing pictures she has drawn and tells stories. Our preparer keeps having to call in the manager to fix several problems, and she does while being on her cell phone the entire time while we get treated to her personal call full of 'I love you more' and further effluvia to her husband or boyfriend for at least twenty minutes. Another error, in Sue's haste she failed to load our rebate on our card she said 'Oops I hit just past the screen, where I can't fix it' I told her we were moving and wouldn't be here. Her quip about her gaffe. 'Guess you better leave a forwarding address then, huh' Well with that you can pretty much guess we were backed in to the corner of paying for the largest coverage package of protection because, I am no way comfortable with her level of service. I have never had my taxes take more than 45 minutes in my adult life, much less nearly 7 entire hours. I used the form on Jackson Hewitt's site to file a complaint, here is what I received back. Service [Incident: 170413-000126] Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. Subject Service Discussion Thread Response Via Email (Karla K) 04/14/2017 02:34 PM Hello Jessica, We apologize if your experience with Jackson Hewitt did not meet your expectations. The office must be given the opportunity to resolve the issue first. We have to recommend you work with the manager in this situation to resolve your issue. You can contact the local office at -- Thank you for contacting Jackson Hewitt Customer Service --------- What absolute and utter tripe. Now why would I want to talk to the manager, when the entirety of my interaction with her was with her not even bothering to get off of her cell phone and stopping her very personal conversation with her boyfriend/husband. Full of such treats as 'I love you mores' And stories about my preparer Sue's grand daughter running rampant through the office with a selfie stick earlier in the day. Marvelous, all while I am sitting there trying to keep my jaw firmly shut at the sheer professionalism at the pair. Especially giving her consideration as the manager. Now mind you I am not expecting much truly but try harder Jackson Hewitt this wasn't a small gaffe. This was seven hours of nonsense, over two days where a preparer couldn't hack it. Seriously. Something needs being done. Certainly am not asking the world but it isn't on that our time was wasted like that and we probably have to wait an age for our return to be forwarded because she couldn't even be assed to do it correctly. I put in a complaint with the BBB of Wyoming and it got kicked back to New Jersey because that is where Jackson Hewitt's corporate office is based. I wrongly assumed to file with Wyoming as it was a local business, and to complain of the particular branch not the company as a whole. It seems to me that it just doesn't matter that seven hours, a messed up on the preparer's end and two days worth of stress are just going to stand as fine by Jackson Hewitt. As a seven week post partum mum that's hard, a great kick in the pants. I will never use their services again and will never recommend. Am sure just mine and my husband's word wont do them a whit of bad being two people but, it's business lost nevertheless.

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