Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Hard Candy polish in Envy!

First off let me apologize for the state of my nails, as you can see I broke my middle fingernail quite low, caught it in the car door and went kind of a bit crazy shaping and filing my nails down to sort of size them. But looks sort of stubby because of the jaggy break of the middle fingernail, it is still pretty painful. >.<

Also, this polish was so hard to capture on film accurately, none of the pictures look exactly like it does in person. This one is gorgeous, it is like British Racing green if it had a bit of shimmer to it. Envy might appear blackened in pictures, but isn't at all, it is stand out green. Reminds me of the old Urban Decay polish Gangrene, without the purple sheen.

Definitely worth the $5, fantastic application, just two coats and Poshe because I can't help myself lol. I'm impressed with the new Hard Candy formula so far, hope the next one I try is as good! ^^

Two coats, indoors, top of Poshe.

Outdoors, cloudy.


  1. i love this
    it almost reminds me of a deep ocean green

  2. Looks fantastic on you. Sorry about your nail breaking. I love these deep green polishes.

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.