Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Hard Candy (Wal-Mart) Polish in Sweet P

I love this polish, it is cute and festive as all get out, it looks like the color of the Grinch, but if he was made out of glitter! Was so pleased with the look I didn't pause for clean up (and glitter clean up with Poshe on top, come on! pop, pop, off) because I was excite to post the pictures!

Unfortunately with these super size and loose rings, I've lost this green one already. Will have to take a good hunt for it, it can't have gotten too far, unless the vacuum has conquered it. XD

Amazingly one coat is sparse and you expect three or four for amazing coverage, but two did the trick, I was surprised, I only really used the Poshe to cover the glitter's gritty feel on the nail.

Hoping to be able to get another year's usage out of my old HD polish of Icky Eggnog, used a thinner but it is looking like it might just be passed it, but will give it a go. Have loads more greens and reds to post, so I need to step it up as it is already the tenth. Woah, it is moving quite along!.

Inside, two coats, top coat of Poshe.

Outside,show's the shade the best here, imho.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Hard Candy polish in Envy!

First off let me apologize for the state of my nails, as you can see I broke my middle fingernail quite low, caught it in the car door and went kind of a bit crazy shaping and filing my nails down to sort of size them. But looks sort of stubby because of the jaggy break of the middle fingernail, it is still pretty painful. >.<

Also, this polish was so hard to capture on film accurately, none of the pictures look exactly like it does in person. This one is gorgeous, it is like British Racing green if it had a bit of shimmer to it. Envy might appear blackened in pictures, but isn't at all, it is stand out green. Reminds me of the old Urban Decay polish Gangrene, without the purple sheen.

Definitely worth the $5, fantastic application, just two coats and Poshe because I can't help myself lol. I'm impressed with the new Hard Candy formula so far, hope the next one I try is as good! ^^

Two coats, indoors, top of Poshe.

Outdoors, cloudy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The New Hard Candy polishes! Where I've been, and more.

Sorry for being so absent most of last month, I notice I barely posted and need catching up again on everyone's blogs. Last month nearly everything that could have gone wrong, had done. One of my cats was really ill, she's getting better now, but had to be taken to the veterinarian's care and tests all sorts, and might need more in future, she seems to be on the mend though.

So that caused a lot of stress, some issues with the house and a whole host of lovely other things just piled up at once to make the month awesome, right left and center. I'm positive things are on an upswing though.

Nail polish wise, I'd been trying new ones, and have a bunch to swatch for you all, several pics that I had taken conspired against me, either they didn't turn out well and weren't salvageable in photoshop or repeatedly were funny angled with bad shadows overlapping...

Some polishes were so bad they chipped the same day and and that was so pretty started to recede about half an hour upon application it was craziness.

Have tried two out of the three Maybelline Express Finish polishes I brought, and two strikes so far. >.< Great colors, just chip-tastic, and it brings the lulz with a claim of 50 seconds to dry. Not even 5 mins on that second coat. Still had to whip out the Poshe to speed it up.

Went to Walmart yesterday to get odds and ends and naturally was excited to scope out the new Hard Candy polishes, especially since they are now so inexpensive, (well for Hard Candy!! Wicked!).

Unfortunately, two women were just stocking the Hard Candy section and I am a bit timid so I asked them if I could quickly grab some so I kind of blindly grabbed quite a few (and I mean that!), but next time I go, will really take a good hard look at them! There was an awesome looking taxi cab yellow.

One of them had the ring/plastic off, they are shrink wrapped in plastic onto the bottles, and are quite hard plastic and slip off the bottle necks unlike the original jelly rings that were sometimes hard to shift off the necks at all.

Click the picture to see it enlarged! ^^

Colors in order are...

Mr. Right, Hot Pants, Sweet P, Pretty in Punk, Mermaid, Envy, Rumor Mill, Break Up.

Also, just to show the difference in bottles over time, there's an original bottle of holiday LE Icky Eggnog, which I shook like crazy to make look like more was in it, looks so much like Sweet P, which is why I grabbed it, save Sweet P is smooth glitter rather then chunky holo glitter, and the newer bottle is flanked by a later Hard Candy polish bottle in Glitch. ^^

Nerdery time.

Last night my friend tried to synth me a signed (with his name on) Aristo's, the first synth failed, because he wasn't facing south apparently...but the second worked! This was his first Aristocrat's Jacket synth ever! I'm so proud of him and he's so excited I'm glad to wear it and advertise his Pro crafting skill, the NQ version is of course the Noble's Tunic which I put on the AH immediately. LOL. XD Good for him though, last sold Aristo's sold for 2.7 million gil. Average cost of gil to make, 500-600k gil. Hot!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud

Let me open with how much I love this particular polish! It is ridiculously pretty, it has a very antique-y kind of look to it, in fact if it was slightly less heavy on the purple it looks a lot like the old Urban Decay polish Chains.

This is one of the new Sally Hansen HD's called Opulent Cloud, not sure what the others looked like aside from a red shade because the display was mostly empty by the time I got round to it lol!

This is beautiful though and looks completely different in all sorts of lighting changes, the shift on it is something else, definitely worth the higher price tag for this particular HD. Plus, unlike the other HD's this one only required two coats for complete coverage and yes I did pop on Poshe on top. ^^

Indoor lighting, two coats, Poshe top.


0.. <--- kitty on the keyboard type. XD He likes to sleep on the LAN tower or the Monitor top, he took over the spots from my girl cat, the LAN tower is cold in the summer from the fans and the monitor is super warm...So now when he wants attention he drapes his arms down the front of the monitor and slides down down down til his paws touch the keyboard so I will scoop him up. He's getting on in years so I can't resist this little trick.

I fall for it at least three times a night for a cuddle.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Urban Decay Meltdown; Aion

I'm really behind in reading people's blogs and in posting just a lot of things have kind of toppled on me and need to wade back through and start enjoying the little things again. Looking forwards to catching up on everyone's blogs, I know I'm only a couple days behind, but sometimes that can feel like ages!

This polish is truly pretty though, was amazed at just how bright it is. Initially I thought it was close to one of the original polishes, but when I put it next to the bottle, this came up as lighter. Wicked pretty though I think!

Two coats again, marvelous. Poshe making another top coat appearance. This one is called Meltdown.

Two coats, top of Poshe indoors.

Outside, sunny.

Lookaway, nerdery below! Decided to give Aion a go, and my god it is beautiful. The graphics are insane. Even the music is lovely and hasn't put me off...yet. I want my wings lol. Can see one of my chars Here which is a level 8 priest, and Here" which is a level 5 Scout.

Which are opening jobs before you can unlock your advanced jobs. Cool that you can see the characters online and what they look like model wise, although the resolution is better in game. Things look gorgeous in game.

I am torn which to do more on however, because I've done in games mage like crazy and might be nice to just straight tank stuff. But hey mage is good right? Hmm, wonder when they update the online info because my Priest has a title and that isn't showing up there. Tree Hugger I believe.

There is more xp needed to advance to level nine, then there is xp in the whole of level 75 to max out buffer in FFXI. LOL! So yeah lvl even in low is a grind. Also, you have to block out Kinah (Gold/Gil/RMT) sellers upon logging in or else there is so much spam that you can't see through the chat log. Hell I didn't know if anyone ever spoke to me through all the spam.

At least I haven't run to any more queues to log on. First two nights I had it were half an hour waits for the server...first night I waited half an hour, was able to make my character then server bumped me. Was so mad lol. Haven't run into that since.

I like the quests and how it shows on the maps with markers so you don't need to log to wikis to find NPCs information, so it's fun to wander. Am really enjoying it so far. Will take me forever to advance since I still have EG commitments on FFXI so balance my fun play time and keep games being fun.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Urban Decay Apocalypse Polish; New FFXIV Trailer

Another beauty from the UD Apocalyptic Collection, this one is the Apocalypse polish itself. Which is for the lovely vampy shade, surprisingly and beautifully another two coat wonder. I'm loving these two coaters from this collection.

This is a very vamp like burgandy brown, it can appear black but it is definitely more towards brown and the currant berry base color is quite apparent. Quite a striking shade that is hard to describe, but looks amazing on. Two coats and the usual habitual Poshe top.

Indoors, two coats, Poshe top.

Outdoors, overcast.

A new trailer for FFXIV has been released, also on the Offical Site sign up for the beta has been introduced. Exciting. But never mind...checky new trailer. This was released at the TGS!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Urban Decay FBomb Polish

Blargh am sick! >.< Not fun. Hope everyone had a good Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday. Wahey. But of course for me, it is always talk like a pirate day, and I don't just mean my sailor mouth which I dutifully keep clean and ladylike in my type! lol

Ahh, must profess my love of Urban Decay's FBomb polish, been wearing it for two days and I haven't even had a bit of tip wear and from a nice creme-y red like this, is something to boast about for me. Usually I'm prone to nicking early, but so far this has been a dream.

Such a gorgeous pin up red, classic but it isn't a drastic red, it is a touch muted so it isn't so in your face and blood red. Two coats with a top of Poshe to seal. Sorry about the pictures, this set and the last haven't been all that great, I suppose because I haven't felt well I just have taken them and didn't check them as well I normally would have and they've suffered. Clean up also looks bad here too. So sorry.



Nerdery time.

Uhhhh! You can finally Get Nintendo DSi's in Pink! OMG. Do want. Really badly. When I was in Niagara all four of the boys had their DSi's with them (and I couldn't find my DS, it went missing!) but they did all let me have a go on theirs at various times. Awww! The only bugger about that is, I want to nab myself a PS3 finally after waffling and playing D's. What to do. What to do. Both are a chunk of change so it is really a tough choice.

Also Aion! Looks great. But...does it just look foxy and have that WoWness to it? I want to try it, but I've also joined an EGLS and don't know how beholden I am to that play wise. Finally got round to A Moogle Kupo D'Etat yesterday, and hopefully will finish it tonight or tomorrow on FFXI. Still haven't bothered with ACP waiting on a friend to start that (well have started first two bits), would rather of done that for the body piece than Kupo D'Etat's head piece. But oh well.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Urban Decay Mini Set and Grunge Polish Review

My Apocalyptic Nail Kit arrived, the set of mini's from Urban Decay. All new polishes save one revamp which is Big Bang, which I have around here somewhere, in this room in fact, should dig it out lol. It is a set of seven polishes and they are errm, even mini-er than I expected they come in at 5mls.

Super cute bottles, great purple metallic pleather carrying case. Amazing shades. So well worth the purchase. Especially based on the two polishes I've tried thus far. Today I have a review of Grunge. But here's a pic of the set. Click to expand.

I must remark upon the formula, fully wowed, two thin coats, but fully pigmented and quick to dry only put a top of Poshe on again because I do with just about everything that isn't a matte or satin top.

The color is another hard to photograph one, but it is also hard to describe, it is not unlike original UD Shade Pigeon, if you were to franken it with a lot of grey or gunmetal, so it is like a gunmetal green, it shows a great blue sheen, but there is a great green luster to it more than the blue the camera picks up.

Two coats, top of Poshe, indoors.

Outside, sunlight.

Was so excited about these, I love my UD polishes. Heheh, check tags to see my old UD archive! I'm sorry for the state of my actual nails, I just broke a couple yesterday and am in the process of reshaping them, and as you can see my pinky took the fall and polish casualty!

But honestly, I'm in love with the formula on the polishes I have tried, so far have tried a metallic in Grunge and a creme in FBomb, which will post tomorrow. If there were full bottles to be had, I'd be buying FBomb in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opi Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Polish

This was another really hard to capture on film polish, it is an almost blackened shade but it is amazing looking in the sun or the even in the just the right light even, but so hard to how the green comes across accurately.

The polish is Opi's Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, I used three coats, the first two look muddy, but by the the third it is absolutely perfect and I popped on Poshe on top just as habit really. Great formula. Wish the pictures show just how green this looks outside, but indoors this can look just shy of black.

Indoors,three coats, top of Poshe.

Outdoors, sunlight.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shades By Barielle Blackened Bleu

Here's Shades by Barielle in Blackened Bleu one of the gorgeous All Lacquered Up Collection colors, it is really gorgeous, super blackenend navy blue with these amazing blue flecks.

I wish it photographed half as well as it looked in real life. Sometimes, well especially with my camera it is hard to get these darker shades to get an accurate shade portrayal without coming across as just dark. But this one is amazingly vibrant.

Indoors, three coats, top of Poshe.

Outdoors, cloudy.

Oh am so excited that Urban Decay is making polishes again, I picked up the new mini set available on the site straight away, and it is making their to me right now lol! Very cute little collection. Hopefully they will also resurrect some other old shades as well like Oilslick or Gangrene, that'd be fantastic!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Niagara trip and yes I bought polish!

I have so much catching up with blogs to do, it is overwhelming but it will fun to breeze through and see what every one has been up to. Left for a trip to Niagara Falls/Clifton Hills Ont last wends. Which was brilliant, I haven't seen the Falls for years and years.

Woo, I was there invading Timmies like crazy, rocking the maple dip and lamenting that a large Ice Coffee is the size of a medium at Dunkin Donuts, but Timmies reigns supreme in taste and in that special place in my heart lol. Also I ate enough poutine to fell a lesser person, god love Swiss Chalet and their special gravy. <3

I have picture spam, but actually have decided to keep it light to just four pictures which you can click on to expand. Took some great ones with my BlackBerry which I need to upload as well. These pictures were taken by my nephew Max and they are extremely lovely, couldn't say no when he asked to helm the camera!

Was awesome from start to stop, Transformers 2 RoTF was on PPV. Ch-Ching. Unintentionally lulzworthy CBC programming...(The upcoming skating with the stars esque show featuring Stephan Richer!) gorgeous weather and just being back in Canada was a dream come true. Plus the heaven on earth known as Shopper's Drug Mart.

Any ways, here are some pictures of the majestic falls. Honestly riding on the Maid of the Mist boats and being surrounded by The Falls on either sides is the most beautiful and amazing thing you can ever see or do, really. I highly suggest it.

Oh...thing that is new to me, the vending machine in the hotel didn't accept bills,but credit cards, and only let you purchase one soda at a time and when I'm trouping out there with a child army to watch Transformers lol we were there for an age XD.

A view from one of the walking cutaways near the roadway, you can see one of the Maid of the Mist boats.

I believe this particular falls is called The Bridal Veil falls.

Here's a view of another Maid of the Mist boat, see the blue poncho's they are wearing to protect you from the spray? You get drenched obviously. But lol, it was so bloody hot that day, I felt like a turkey in one of those cooking bags at Thanksgiving. Which makes me even more appreciative to eat Tofurkeys lol. XD
Mind you UDPP in Sin, my makeup didn't shift in all that. heheheh.

This is Skylon Tower. We went up that. Horrors. Scared of heights and glass elevator. Not a great combination. But, managed it, didn't want to wuss out and be a baby, nine of us there after all wasn't going to be silly and be precious. You know what? It was not that bad! Was quite pretty, if it was steps I think it might have been more difficult on the scary department, but no, the views were in fact breathtaking and not at all terrifying. Besides I've been up the CN Tower so this isn't a touch on that.

Ok, you have been more than patient, here is the lone polish I picked up, it is from Gosh and is named Peachy, super cute I think.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Orly Pixie Dust Polish

I really like this one, had to preface with the really bit lol. This is Orly's Pixie Dust. A gorgeous bluish grey with a fine silver shimmer. Can safely say I love this polish. Was afraid at first that this shade would make my hands look corpsetacular.

Two coats with a top of Poshe, and oh dag, I needed to do better clean up, didn't notice until I got a good look at the outdoor pic, where the Poshe kind of is still pooled at the bottom where I'd not peeled it yet. >.<


Outside, overcast.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shades by Barielle in Slate of Affairs

My Shades by Barielle haul arrived saturday, while I didn't take a group shot I do have pics of Slate of Affairs and I have to say it doesn't capture on film how lovely it really is. The light blue shimmer that runs through the creamy grey blue slate shade is just marvelous.

Indoors, three coats top of Poshe.

Outdoors, slightly overcast. Look how vastly different it appears outdoors.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Post 100 and it's so not Lux! Jesse's Girl in Blue Moon

100th post that is craziness! Wish it was better and more chock full of goodness.

Sorry I'm so behind, been busy and the weather has been so humid that the polishes I have been wearing have either just not been drying well and chipping off before I can capture them and not been pretty and in other cases been wearing some that I've already post reviews of! ^^

A little behind on reading everyone's blogs as well, so getting back on that too!

Saw GI Joe last week! Wow, so many lulz, must preface that with, I will so be purchasing that on DVD. Destro ftw. They totally ruined my Baroness. ; ; Oh well she's still my girl. Cartoon girl. My childhood style queen lol.

Have a new tattoo also super sweet old school pirate ship, as the golden age of piracy is one of my main interests, and let me say they aren't kidding around when they talk about how the elbow area HURTS. I have quite a bit of work and nothing has ever felt as dreadful as that area, was ridiculous.

Ordered a haul of polishes, just got round to the matte Opis.

Here's Jesse's Girl in Blue Moon. This is my second go around, my first was four coats and it didn't last long, today I'm wearing it with just three and a top of Poshe and it looks amazing so far! Only and outdoors and bottle picture though because my inside lighting pictures didn't turn out and will need to retake them at home. ^^ Sorry about that.

Really is a gorgeous color, hope to get a good wear out of it this go. It looks more royal purple to me, but I love how electric it is.

Outdoor, sunlight...blistering heat lol.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scherer Chameleon in Blue Sky

I saw these Scherer Chameleon polishes in Rite Aid yesterday and picked up one in Blue Sky, the only one that really stood out to me. Was really a pretty duochrome in the bottle. Was also able to pick up two cute Jesse's Girl brand polishes, very excited to have been able to snatch those up, seeing amazing swatches Kitty's blog. Most were sold out. lol

The formula on this, was going to say for the picture to mind my pinky nail which had a nick on it for my being clumsy hitting it before the pictures, but during the editing of the pictures just general doing things it sloughed off in chunks. Two coats with Poshe and apparently isn't super resilient a polish. Six chipped nails and have been wearing it under 15 hours. *shrug* Application was sort of thick as well. Which is a shame because the color is such a lovely duochrome. Shifts between a lavender and blue metallic. Really dislike poor reviews, but this one just seems to be be very chip prone. Dried very quickly on its own though.

Two coats, top of Poshe, indoors.

Outdoors, sunlight.

Going today to a family party, my little niece's first birthday party to be exact how exciting! Can not wait, such a sweetheart, should be all kinds of fun. Wicked fun to see her on any occasion never mind all super star party style!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Piggy Polish You're Blue-tiful

My first foray with Piggy Polish brand polish. This one is called You're Blue-tiful, it looks lavender, slightly blue with heavy greenish shimmer in the bottle. Not really seeing blue here lol. Once applied looks super minty green on, this is three layers with a top of Poshe, it was super sheer so I had to build up the color.

Would be really cute sheer on longer nails, but with them this short, I don't like the look of sheer on my own nails, on others yes but just on my hands, not so much.

Indoors, three coats topped with Poshe.

Outside, cloudy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Lite, House Show Pics

Oh, horrible nail breakage last night broke one nail on hitting it against one of the plastic chairs and one I well,, well I may have. Might have. Could have done. Might have done. Ok. I bit my nail. And my purse. >.<.

LOL so wrong. Jessica Fail!

Well, at least that with all of my nails filed down yet again that probably rounds out the last of the big damage from the false nails.

This color really really does not suit me at all. It looks fantastic in the bottle, and applies extremely well, in fact it is only two coats with a top of Poshe, it did need the Poshe for shine, as on it's own it wasn't as shiny as it appeared in the bottle.

But this yellow on my pale and pink pallor. Not a good mix I reckon.

Indoors, two coats, Poshe top.

Outdoors, hazy.

Ok the wrestling! A lovely evening, we all went to dinner beforehand which was extremely yummy I had a grilled cheese with chutney and apples in it. Ridiculous! One of my fav. things ever.

Apparently you could bring proper cameras, which I didn't know, they used to be down on that at this particular venue, and I'm disappointed because I could have taken some really great shots! Especially of Maxy getting to shake ECW Heavyweight Champion Christian's hand! But unfortunately only crap shots with my BlackBerry.



Which leads to the nail breakage. LOL.

I can't even post my Burchill pics, cause I shook too much from nerves and it was shakezilla, maybe my sister or Stacey got better ones of him hur hur hur. But I do have some pics to share! Oh should have prefaced with teh Burchillz is my fav. wrestler. ^^ In fact many of my fav's were there including William Regal,CM Punk the aforementioned Paul Burchill and Drew McIntyre.

Here is Maxy and Masen in front of the ring, it was before the show so the tent was lit all in red for some bizarre reason. Tried to lighten it up and correct it as best I could.

CM Punk.

CM Punk and Kane, who is just massive in real life as opposed to just seeing him on television, he's 7'2 and looks every inch of it.

Drew McIntrye. Foxy, unfortunately he stopped the gimmick where he comes out in a kilt. I really really enjoyed that. Much more than I should. Lovely Scottish gent, talked on and on, got beat down by Ricky Steamboat. XD

William Regal! He got on the mic a lot as well during the match, people were on him a lot riding him for being English, he pointed out to the crowd that they were bloody stupid, too right as his opponent was Canadian, so their USA chants were moot. LOL. Christian got on the mic too and got a laugh out of it too.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, did the best I could with the phone. Blast not knowing cameras were allowed now at the venue! All my gents lost, save CM Punk! Mine are all baddies though, but was glad Christian won his match. Was so much fun. Small tent shows like these are the only way to fly, once a year, every one has such a good time, suspension of belief. Seeing all the kids have such a good time. It's just brilliant fun. BurchillBurchillBurchillBurchill. XD Ok, now I'll stop and behave and be back to polish and normalcy and not fancying silliness.