Monday, August 31, 2009

Orly Pixie Dust Polish

I really like this one, had to preface with the really bit lol. This is Orly's Pixie Dust. A gorgeous bluish grey with a fine silver shimmer. Can safely say I love this polish. Was afraid at first that this shade would make my hands look corpsetacular.

Two coats with a top of Poshe, and oh dag, I needed to do better clean up, didn't notice until I got a good look at the outdoor pic, where the Poshe kind of is still pooled at the bottom where I'd not peeled it yet. >.<


Outside, overcast.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shades by Barielle in Slate of Affairs

My Shades by Barielle haul arrived saturday, while I didn't take a group shot I do have pics of Slate of Affairs and I have to say it doesn't capture on film how lovely it really is. The light blue shimmer that runs through the creamy grey blue slate shade is just marvelous.

Indoors, three coats top of Poshe.

Outdoors, slightly overcast. Look how vastly different it appears outdoors.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Post 100 and it's so not Lux! Jesse's Girl in Blue Moon

100th post that is craziness! Wish it was better and more chock full of goodness.

Sorry I'm so behind, been busy and the weather has been so humid that the polishes I have been wearing have either just not been drying well and chipping off before I can capture them and not been pretty and in other cases been wearing some that I've already post reviews of! ^^

A little behind on reading everyone's blogs as well, so getting back on that too!

Saw GI Joe last week! Wow, so many lulz, must preface that with, I will so be purchasing that on DVD. Destro ftw. They totally ruined my Baroness. ; ; Oh well she's still my girl. Cartoon girl. My childhood style queen lol.

Have a new tattoo also super sweet old school pirate ship, as the golden age of piracy is one of my main interests, and let me say they aren't kidding around when they talk about how the elbow area HURTS. I have quite a bit of work and nothing has ever felt as dreadful as that area, was ridiculous.

Ordered a haul of polishes, just got round to the matte Opis.

Here's Jesse's Girl in Blue Moon. This is my second go around, my first was four coats and it didn't last long, today I'm wearing it with just three and a top of Poshe and it looks amazing so far! Only and outdoors and bottle picture though because my inside lighting pictures didn't turn out and will need to retake them at home. ^^ Sorry about that.

Really is a gorgeous color, hope to get a good wear out of it this go. It looks more royal purple to me, but I love how electric it is.

Outdoor, sunlight...blistering heat lol.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scherer Chameleon in Blue Sky

I saw these Scherer Chameleon polishes in Rite Aid yesterday and picked up one in Blue Sky, the only one that really stood out to me. Was really a pretty duochrome in the bottle. Was also able to pick up two cute Jesse's Girl brand polishes, very excited to have been able to snatch those up, seeing amazing swatches Kitty's blog. Most were sold out. lol

The formula on this, was going to say for the picture to mind my pinky nail which had a nick on it for my being clumsy hitting it before the pictures, but during the editing of the pictures just general doing things it sloughed off in chunks. Two coats with Poshe and apparently isn't super resilient a polish. Six chipped nails and have been wearing it under 15 hours. *shrug* Application was sort of thick as well. Which is a shame because the color is such a lovely duochrome. Shifts between a lavender and blue metallic. Really dislike poor reviews, but this one just seems to be be very chip prone. Dried very quickly on its own though.

Two coats, top of Poshe, indoors.

Outdoors, sunlight.

Going today to a family party, my little niece's first birthday party to be exact how exciting! Can not wait, such a sweetheart, should be all kinds of fun. Wicked fun to see her on any occasion never mind all super star party style!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Piggy Polish You're Blue-tiful

My first foray with Piggy Polish brand polish. This one is called You're Blue-tiful, it looks lavender, slightly blue with heavy greenish shimmer in the bottle. Not really seeing blue here lol. Once applied looks super minty green on, this is three layers with a top of Poshe, it was super sheer so I had to build up the color.

Would be really cute sheer on longer nails, but with them this short, I don't like the look of sheer on my own nails, on others yes but just on my hands, not so much.

Indoors, three coats topped with Poshe.

Outside, cloudy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Lite, House Show Pics

Oh, horrible nail breakage last night broke one nail on hitting it against one of the plastic chairs and one I well,, well I may have. Might have. Could have done. Might have done. Ok. I bit my nail. And my purse. >.<.

LOL so wrong. Jessica Fail!

Well, at least that with all of my nails filed down yet again that probably rounds out the last of the big damage from the false nails.

This color really really does not suit me at all. It looks fantastic in the bottle, and applies extremely well, in fact it is only two coats with a top of Poshe, it did need the Poshe for shine, as on it's own it wasn't as shiny as it appeared in the bottle.

But this yellow on my pale and pink pallor. Not a good mix I reckon.

Indoors, two coats, Poshe top.

Outdoors, hazy.

Ok the wrestling! A lovely evening, we all went to dinner beforehand which was extremely yummy I had a grilled cheese with chutney and apples in it. Ridiculous! One of my fav. things ever.

Apparently you could bring proper cameras, which I didn't know, they used to be down on that at this particular venue, and I'm disappointed because I could have taken some really great shots! Especially of Maxy getting to shake ECW Heavyweight Champion Christian's hand! But unfortunately only crap shots with my BlackBerry.



Which leads to the nail breakage. LOL.

I can't even post my Burchill pics, cause I shook too much from nerves and it was shakezilla, maybe my sister or Stacey got better ones of him hur hur hur. But I do have some pics to share! Oh should have prefaced with teh Burchillz is my fav. wrestler. ^^ In fact many of my fav's were there including William Regal,CM Punk the aforementioned Paul Burchill and Drew McIntyre.

Here is Maxy and Masen in front of the ring, it was before the show so the tent was lit all in red for some bizarre reason. Tried to lighten it up and correct it as best I could.

CM Punk.

CM Punk and Kane, who is just massive in real life as opposed to just seeing him on television, he's 7'2 and looks every inch of it.

Drew McIntrye. Foxy, unfortunately he stopped the gimmick where he comes out in a kilt. I really really enjoyed that. Much more than I should. Lovely Scottish gent, talked on and on, got beat down by Ricky Steamboat. XD

William Regal! He got on the mic a lot as well during the match, people were on him a lot riding him for being English, he pointed out to the crowd that they were bloody stupid, too right as his opponent was Canadian, so their USA chants were moot. LOL. Christian got on the mic too and got a laugh out of it too.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, did the best I could with the phone. Blast not knowing cameras were allowed now at the venue! All my gents lost, save CM Punk! Mine are all baddies though, but was glad Christian won his match. Was so much fun. Small tent shows like these are the only way to fly, once a year, every one has such a good time, suspension of belief. Seeing all the kids have such a good time. It's just brilliant fun. BurchillBurchillBurchillBurchill. XD Ok, now I'll stop and behave and be back to polish and normalcy and not fancying silliness.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Ocean View,Supercommuter,Stuff

Another Hard as Nails polish XD I keep getting this right,left and center it seems. Pow! XD What in the world, this is the last one of them though. Still need to get through the HD's.

This one is Ocean View, and the color is OMGWTFBBQ striking, but the formula, ahhh. Blech. That runs into a couple of problems, at least with this particular bottle for me.

Three thickish coats and it is still baldish, maybe a fourth would have helped but it was already so thick on the nail and from the pictures you can see where it pooled at the sides and cuticles as well as the brush stroke party and how even there you can see how unforgiving it was to show imperfections of my nails from the false ones. Check out the index nail. Ugh!

Also it chipped and off a couple of nails on the first day, and on day two had raging tip wear. But, I'm wondering how much of that goes down to humidity interfering with how the polish dries, Poshe can only do so much. So I'm going to try this again on a cooler and drier day, because it is really lovely and hoping maybe a lot of what goes on can be attributed to the weather and the state of my growing out nails.

You know me, I'm loathe to have a poor review of anything.

Three coats, top of Poshe. Indoors.

Outside, sunlight.

First off check out this Amazing Post at Hipster,Please!. So nice, I repped it twice. The Supercommuter album is finally ready! It can be purchased here as a pre-order, but via email you get access to the album early as a digital download in several formats to listen to while waiting for the physical copy.

Let me tell you, it is pure bliss. No one can flow like Wheelie! I really do not want to know how many times I have listened to Life is Grand it is just an amazing, amazing, amazing track. How is that for eloquent? Every element is spectacular, the music is just laid together so perfectly. I couldn't be more thrilled with this album. So worth the wait! Can not recommend it enough.

If you've been having missing the Optimus...

Tomorrow I'm going to see lolWWE with a bunch of family and friends, we have a whole row (nearly), it's at a tent show no less, been to it there a few time over the years and it's massively entertaining. Will need to empty my phone to take some pictures. Because you can on the sly with your phone if last year was any indication. Emptying my phone is a lot harder than it should be though, so that will be fun. My nephews are super psyched already. ^^