Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KO Hotness! Mascara ramble...

Oh hotness, Knock Out Cosmetics has a new shade called Karen and it is a foxy foxy foxy looking red. Check out the picture, it makes those gorgeous bottles pop even more! There's also a treatment called Flatte Top which is a sealant and top coat which will bring you back to matte after a few days of wear. I've a Tony and Tina matte top coat which I love. The thing is ancient but still does the trick.

Karen though, it just looks amazing in the photos. I totally caved and purchased it. Earlier this month for my birthday my lovely sister gave me Calamine and Flatte Black. I can't say enough about them. The black is just so inky dark, and it is different than ManGlaze's The Death Tar, worth purchasing both IMHO. Will swatch Flatte Black soon! So excited about Karen, if there was an ox blood or navy ever slated...would be floored.

The sun is finally out today, after nearly a week of on and off rain. Now if only it would warm up a touch, but can not complain really after seeing the sun!

Picked up Max Factor's 2K Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper today and am looking forwards to giving that a go, the last couple mascaras I have bought have been let downs. Looking at you Maybelline Lash Stiletto! You in the back as well, Cover Girl Lashblast Luxe!

The store mercifully and unfortunately didn't stock Cadbury Mini Eggs! ^^

Get thee behind me choccy!

Monday, March 30, 2009

CG Blue Sparrow, Anatometal Fauxpal Cabs

Here's a quick picture, didn't do clean up as I just painted them and thought wow, look how much it matches flashwise with an old pair of my Anatometal Bling Eyelets, which is Signity cabochon faux opal in #13. Don't think it quite shows how well they pair match up in the light. Might have to rep this pair in my current size. Which would require saving up...Still researching cams. /sigh!

This is three coats of Blue Sparrow, in pictures it looks bubbly application wise. But that is actually just the glitter, it doesn't appear bubbly IRL.

Really like the CG formula though it dries quickly and is super shimmery. The tint is called Blue Sparrow (Neon). When my sparrow tattoos were fresh the shade sans glitter is kind of close lol.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sally Beauty Haul,Death Tar, China Glaze

Was shopping in a plaza with a Sally Beauty and couldn't resist the call of polish! A thousand horrors. Unfortunately upon going forgot the names of the Finger Paints brand polishes that I was interested in, and in person couldn't find one I was interested in over some other polishes. Mostly the haul consists of China Glaze polishes. Click on picture to see larger ^^

From left to right is...Nina Ultra Pro says G8C no real tint name,It's So Easy Rite Stripe which is sheer black with red and blue glitter, China Glaze For Audrey, China Glaze Black Diamond, China Glaze Blue Sparrow and China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base.

Tried out Amour Unique Ruby with a black base, used the Sally Hansen Four in One again and was met again with easy denting hours later, so that is definitely made of fail. The Unique Ruby though was a disappointment wasn't anything phenomenal as described, it was nice but nothing super special. Looking forwards to trying out the CG base. Finally caved and purchased For Audrey after ages and ages dithering about it. Just as gorgeous as people have swatched it.

Here's a picture I meant to post yesterday of ManGlaze's The Death Tar.

CG's Black Diamond looks very interesting, almost a gunmetal grey with what looks to be a blue sheen.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello Kitty Lippy, The Death Tar, 13

I think my fav. part of the MAC Hello Kitty lippy packaging is the adorable stamp on the lipstick itself. This is a tube of Cute-Ster.

How saweet is that?

Also here's a shot of Man Glaze's The Death Tar.

Have a cold, super enjoyable. :/ Arrgh!

My bottle of March's 13 arrived yesterday from BPAL, now that is fast turnaround. This one is very spicey as opposed to the brown sugar from the last 13 release, was that January? My Chaos Theory: Snake Oil series came as well. OMG it smells of Snake Oil and moss, it is extremely earthy. Really like it and am curious as to how the Dorian based one smells. Must look up the reviews on BPAL.ORG.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Orly, BPTP's Polishes

Hmm, taking the blame off Essie's Mesmerize, I think it does need a longer drying time but I think the problem with all the denting may lie with the new base I used as I had problems with it to a much lesser scale when applying Orly's Love Each Other. The base I'd used Sally Hansen Complete Care Four in One extra moisturizing. Think I'll stick with my oldy but goodie base.

This is three coats of Love Each Other. Didn't half like it on, was sheerer than expected and is much more dramatic in bottle. Plus it show's the state of mass staining despite the buffing. Too much dark the past two months showing over despite the base coats. Was able to reshape them to a much nicer shape. Amazing what a picture shows as opposed to what you see. So sorry for the state of them. Sheers are a no go atm! That index nail before, Woof! But I think Love Each Other would look great on a black cream as a top coat.

Thought I'd post a picture of BPAL's BPTP's Claw Polish . Click on the thumb below to get a full size picture.

These are great, a cute feature on some of the newer bottles is if you breath on it or it gets fogged up the Triple Dagger logo appears on the sides. The polishes are really lovely and the tints in order of picture are from left to right: Embalming Fluid which is a glow in the dark polish with fine iridescent glitter, Midnight on the Midway, Mmm. Moriarty, Blood Countess, Morgause, Lady Macbeth, Destroying Angel, Opium Poppy and Maiden.

The polishes are a lovely formula, three free and all. I reach for these often. Destroying Angel is such a lovely vampy dark brown. A picture doesn't do it justice.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Essie Mesmerize

Hate to even show this, this is Essie's Mesmerize and it just was amazing in how it it wasn't fully set after a day even, so was a lot of denting. Here's it without clean up, wow need to reshape those nails. Dag had no idea some were that uneven!

Wearing it as a pedi, and it's very cute and springy though. Going to abandon ship on Mesmerize as a mani, torn between trying out Peppermint Patti or Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bikini Bottom. Will say though, I really like the shade of blue it is quite flattering and doesn't have a huge yellow tone at all like some medium blues I've tried in the past.

Crown is fixed, a blessedly short visit. Pirate toof intact.

Going to see A Haunting in Connecticut tomorrow. Might try to evade that, remember watching a terrifying account of this on A Haunting series. Blech!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Retried Pictures, IS/Anatometal, NFU Oh 50

Alrighty, here's better pictures of the head on and shot of the wearable/saddle on the Industrial Strength's Gem Eyelets and Anatometal's 'Blings' Gem Eyelets. To see the information about them please check this earlier post which goes into the difference of gems,metals worn and wearables. IS's Gem Eyelets are now available in a Double Flare option.

Saddle and wearable comparison shot.

Head on comparison of widths and channel setting depth.

Still researching cameras. My crown fell off today. >.> /Groan Hot dental action tomorrow to get it repaired.

Alrighty here's another shot of Nfu Oh 50 with flash on.

Mini review on Feria's new formula. Not loving it at all, I don't do whole head for months at a time choosing to stick with roots and then if it has really faded out drag the rest through via their instructions. Am now straw-like and need a larger trim than I'd hoped to do and much deep conditioning. Guess I will go back again to Clairol or splash out for that Fekkai one down the road. But there is humour, my hair is light black so I like to dye it blue black on occasions, here's the kicker it grows in grey in front so for the first few washes I have electric highlights, which are especially neon in sunlight. Mind the flash.

Feria...for teh lulz

Was grabbing a prescription at the pharmacy and was mesmerized by Orly's Love Each Other polish, it truly is cute pinky and purplish flash in it. Think that will be my next mani, prolly tomorrow if I can resist the call of Peppermint Patti. ^^

I caved and bought the expansion for FFXI : A Crystalline Prophecy. Not expecting super much, already hearing whinging in my LSes about how free Haubys for all. XD

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nfu Oh 50, Camera researching,FFXI

I really like Nfu Oh's formula, finally got around to trying one out. It is impossible to catch all the flash of tints. Truly a rainbow of chunky glitter yet it doesn't feel clumpy on the nail when dried. The pictures show two coats of Nfu Oh 50, over a base coat of Revlon's Black Lingerie 919 which is a nice basic black cream. Sorry for the lack of clean up on my nails in the shots.

Researching all manner of digital cameras, it is hard with so much variety from which to pick, but dutifully reading reviews right,left and center as to make the best choice. Would appreciate any and all suggestions. Refuse to be swayed by pink casing to a degree. Am a sucker for pink when it comes to my gadgets, from my phone to my DS to my old lan tower and laptop. XD

A new online expansion pack is coming for Final Fantasy XI: Online, it is called A Crystalline Prophecy. Details, if you can call it as much are available at POL's site. The expansion is available for advance purchase and will go live early April. New armour, with some customizable stats apparently. It is going to be a bitch to register if it's anything like Wings of the Goddess' expansion registration process was. Server pounding wahey. The new base armour doesn't seem fantastic for my WHM, or RDM really for that matter. Suppose I should pound out some of the other jobs. Still want a Nagerling for DRK, if I properly lvl it past my Sky sub for Chainspell>Stun.

More info is available about this expansion on AllaK.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Group Shot of the aforementioned polish haul; UD Gloss

Here's all of my incoming polishes, should hold me off for a dog's age. Forgot to grab China Glaze Gussied Up Green for the shot, just didn't see it. Oops. Click on the image to see a larger full sized picture instead of the condensed/shortened thumb. ^^

Need to make a different layout so as to not need such small thumb pics.

Watched Twilight last night, quite enjoyed it. Was surprised didn't think I would do all that much. Rather liked the Bella character as portrayed in the movie via the character in the books.

Feria root dye time tomorrow. Excitement. Hair dye! *boing*

The new Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses by Urban Decay. I'm not sure whether I am grossed out or like wahey over the packaging. Remember having novelty pens not unlike these when I was much younger. 8 different shades and subsequently different menfolk to choose from in a dressed and lesser so state. Good gimmick or bad?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peppermint Patti cuteness; IS Anatometal Comparison

My Peppermint Patti came yesterday. It is so cute, very Maloxxy. Am looking forwards to trying it on! Sorry for the askew picture it is sat on my green lan tower and it isn't flat but I like the way it picked up the green. Bet this will be a perfect pedi shade.

Have tried the Seche Restore on a couple of my relic UD bottles. It seems to only want to do the job on glitter shades. Although Road Stripe is coming up nicely! But it is probably because of the forumla (UD), because I imagine Seche Restore will probably be brilliant with other brands however. Worked really well on a couple Candy Man's and a Hard Candy. Seche Restore rocks bells for glitter shades.

Wearing Berry Blue, by Barielle today and it's foxy. Love the heavy pigmenting! But I just noticed that Essie Mesmerize matches my dress I'm wearing right now perfectly. lol. That's the trouble with such a hot amount of incoming. So hard to choose. Gah. Real camera soon with proper pictures. Honestly.

Speaking of shockingly bad pictures, here are two. Which will be repped poste haste when...words...camera. Oh yes, where was I? Oh comparison of IS's gemmed eyelets next to Anatometal's Bling gem eyelets. These are both 7/16ths. Both are single flared, my ears are wicked bitchy and double flare is just not comfortable. The IS gemmed eyelets are only offered in Single Flare, at least @Steel Navel. Don't know if this is the case elsewhere. Anatometal Blings you can purchase SF or DF and custom wearable Steel or Titanium @BAF.

Alrighty the IS ones have about a 3/8 wearable (you can also choose a wearable of 5/16) I purchased the 3/8. It is a little bit longer as you can see as the pair of Anatometals is shorter in height and has a more pronounced saddle before the wearable.

Here's the head on; the gems set in the IS pair are 2MM in Water Opal, which is more of an almost Aurora Borealis gem without the gold foil-ish tones. The gems in the Anatometals are 2MM and are Faux Opals. The IS seem to be a little wider than Anatometal's 7/16ths/11 MMs sizing and the channel setting is thicker on Anatometal's as well.

Oh and the IS pair are Titanium whereas the Anatometal Bling's are 316LVM ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Steel. I've not tried on the IS pair yet, but upon looking at them I think my loyalty shall remain with my beloved Anatometal Blings collection. Yes I was swayed by the shiny heh. Water Opal how dare you! Shame. Shame! XD heheh. Also pet peeve the O-rings that came with the IS pair were so tight, I think they were for a 00G. lol. But that's easily remedied. I've O-Rings floating around a go-go! Probably people dig a tighter O-Ring size, but I like the slightly looser so I don't constantly rot my manicure. As I did a few minutes ago unlocking my door. Woof!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks. New MAC Sugarsweet. Polish Incoming Joy!

Right, first off happy St. Patrick day for those who observe it.

Had an amazing joint b-day party with Bird. Super yummy vegetarian burritos at Sam Diego's. Mmm! Fun with Peanut. A great time had by all! I was given some amazing books, that I can't wait to pore over! Oh oh oh annnnnnnd!

MAC Hello Kitty hotness! Powder in Tahitian Sand, lippy in Cute-Ster and an eyeshadow palette in Lucky Tom! I love the pink glitter embedded in the cases, it's so cute and the saweet Hello Kitty herself on the lippy with a psychedelic pattern dress. Thank you Birdy! <3

The new MAC Sugarsweet collection is gorgeous. Very springy shades indeed. Polish wise Pepperment Patti has me excited, and is a must have. I do have Seasonal Peach and while the color is gorgeous, the application on it and the way it worked on my skintone...blech. Quite a letdown that one was for me.

Oh my polish haul came, altogether amazingly. A deluge of polish right,left and center!

The Nfu Oh bottles do not disappoint, they truly are the most adorable bottles. With the lace up molded corset, with the bow and bustle on the back and glass, cute flower on the front with filigree designs and the...boobs heh. Truly is a sweet little design. The shades though, I can not wait to try on. Even in the bottles there is so much color play and shift. I'm already in love. Brought were 50,51 and 52. Suspect more shall be in my future.

As for the Shades by Barielle, must say the boxing was a bit excessive giant box for just three polishes inside. The colors though. Made of win! Am wearing Date Night, since it is St. Patrick's and a nod to green isn't remiss in my otherwise all black outfit today. Application was fantastic, really could have gotten away with one coat, no dragging or brush marking. Tried to take a camera pic of the polish on, but it just isn't going to cut it, need to replace my old camera still. I have a lot of greens, Date Night is really stand out however. I also got Berry Blue and thanks to the buy two, get one free I received Decadence which is gorgeous but am dubious to how it will look on my skintone. To me it looks like it might have a good deal of a yellow undertone, but of course can't really tell how that will translate until it is on. Hoping it looks good, because it is striking and bright.

Also a bottle of Creative in Turquoise Tint, which looks like it will be an amazing sheer if done with a light hand, or a nice jelly full coverage. What all is next, hmmm...Four Amour polishes: Rainbow Hologram, Rain Glitter, Brilliant Ocean Blue and Unique Ruby, which I can't wait to try with a base of black polish.

Two Opi shades Yoga-ta Get this Blue and DS Fantasy. Two Orly, Goth and Prisma Gloss Gold which looks absolutely fascinating. Lastly, New York Summer in Class Act and Essie in Mesmerize. If the sun comes out I'll try and get a group shot on the phone. Such a huge influx of polish. Boing! Boing! *call19* (FFXI nerdery!).

Oh and another birthday present...

To quote MC Chris, 'Yo momma is a bitch-I'll see you in the Sarlacc Pit!' Fett's Vette. Wahey. <3 me some Boba Fett.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Polish Ahoy. Or at least some!

Alrighty, finally have a picture (hot grainy camera phone action!) of my collection, albeit partial, there are still some in storage containers and of course the fantastic stuff that's incoming! Wahey! The picture is pants, but you can see the first two and a half rows showing my old Urban Decay and Hard Candy/Candy Man collection! Most of the Hard Candy still applies like a dream. Blech the picture cuts off a little to fit the page layout.

Found a nail polish thinner that I had to resurrect some UD polishes, but luckily I didn't go hoss and do a bunch. Usually I look at ingredients, unfortunately not this time as it was ridiculously full of acetone. Sigh. So my S&M polish is this gross white chalk now. However it did revive Twisted Sister to perfect consistency. But now I have Seche Vite Restore Thinner on the way, which I'd read about on Scrangie. It is a great post too, look how she was able to restore a clumped up dry bottle of L'Oreal Bijou Crystals polish. I mean that thing looked gone!

Just hoping it can restore my Asphalt or a decrepit Frostbite!

My nephews both dig the ManGlaze shades. One is sporting Fuggen Ugly right now! Heheh.

Joint birthday thing today! Should be fun. ^^

Again another reminder to head to Hipster,Please! to pick up Optimus Rhyme's TransfORmed! Huzzah Dub Cyber!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Andrew 'Test' Martin

This is so sad, another wrestler death. Andrew Martin, he used to go under the name of 'Test' in WWE, and 'The Punisher' in TNA. He was just 33, a few days from his 34h birthday. What a horrible thing, my sincere condolences. So horrible to hear, such a young guy as well, he was quite the entertainer. Sad sad day. Various reports with links to news outlets via Rajah.

TransfORmed, still time to dl it for free!

Apparently you can only still snag Optimus Rhyme's TransfORmed for free via Hipster,Please! for a short while now, so grab it quickly! It is also available on Itunes as well, inexpensively-plus you get two tracks not on the free d/l which are fantastic covers of Guns of Brixton and Train in Vain. So it's certainly worth buying as well. Eventually it will be available as a cd to purchase I've heard. All the songs are brilliant, Daryl Hannah is just phenomenal.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Possible Buffy MMO? BPAL 13, Polish

I was reading a post at Slay Alive.com that there is (post is in the Figures and Collectibles sub forum) a Buffy MMO in the works! I've been playing FFXI since late 05 (although can't seem to stay connected due to some Comcast hijinks of late! Grrrr) am a big fan of MMORPGs, save WoW cause I just couldn't get well into it at all. A Buffyverse! Can't even begin to squee about how wicked exciting that would be. Oh lord ^^

Would pay a monthly for the game for sure, hell I'd drop ol' XI in a heartbeat in favour. Hope this is true, wonder if it would be all Sunnydale style or more in the vein of post Chosen season 8? Hmm, season 8ish would be very interesting Slayers a-plenty! No matter where it falls time line wise, this could rock bells as a MMO! Wishing for the best graphics portion as well if it is indeed happening and of course character customization which is something XI lacks save for a few variants on the same base chars. Basically a couple hairdo's and two choices of tints I think it is.

Finally I'll be able to try some of the gorgeous Nfu Oh shades, I purchased 51,52 and 60 via Fabuloustreet.com. Now, I'm going to have to behave as there is quite a bit incoming and spending like this needs to be reigned in. ^^

Oh and of course it being friday the 13th a new incarnation of 13 is available at BPAL! Am madly in love with February of this year's 13, the brown sugar note is divine. Plus ahoy the new Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity V4: The Snake Oil Series. There are also bases of Dorian,O and Penitence. Gorgeous one and all. I can't get enough of Snake Oil though (like the hoarding of Boomslang,Lilith Victoria and Western Diamondback in particular) so I can't wait to see what randomness pervades!

Grrr why aren't those L'Oreal Star Magnet polishes available here? Not only is there a bunch of shades other than the two (one was Europe exclusive) Lancome releases but the price is so much better. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stuff. Order Galore!

Hmm, nail polish wise ManGlaze's The Death Tar, is less chippy than Knockout Cosmetics. I like the both though as there is a noticeable tint difference. So I thought I'd put a clear coat on The Death Tar, since there have been swatches out there showing it to be glossy with a rainbow sheen. Unfortunately that wasn't my experience, I got a just a bit of silver glimmer and it looked sort of muddy, so I'll stick to it as the lovely matte shade as is meant to be. Love how quickly it dries. Wearing two coats of Fuggen Ugly. Really a nice shade, good aged metal look. Would love a matte polish in a blood red shade, that'd be incredible...or ox blood. Foxy!

Springy again today, after that weird snow last night. Fluffy flakes were flying everywhere, but didn't stick. Was pretty to watch.

Dollhouse is getting saweet! Can always watch it @Hulu online as well. Talking to you Bird!

I miss D and the snarky comments made during Rainbow 6:Vegas 2 lol.

Went on a polish spree, bought three from Barielle, it was buy two get one free so I went for it...coming my way is Date Night,Decadence and Berry Blue! Also big old handful of polishes from Trans Design which should bring about some dark greens,more black or blackened shades,rainbow holo and more. As well as Amour Unique Ruby after seeing a post about it on Getcha Nails Did.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Man Glaze Polish,Reading...

My ManGlaze polish came friday, just getting around to trying them out, got both The Death Tar (best name ever!) and Fuggen Ugly. Got to love the suspect tagling 'What is thick,dries quick and looks totally sick?'. Heheh. I've seen on several blogs of people applying top coat to these which reveals some sick rainbow shimmer. But am really quite a fan of matte black polish. Still missing UD's Asphalt...oh bumpy flat black polish! /sigh.

If I ever find a replacement connection cord for my ancient cam, pics! But I think that more than likely will be saving up for a new camera, since that one truly is a relic.

Read Witchery (Ghosts of Albion) in it's entirety yesterday, was engrossing and fantastic. Amber Benson and Christopher Golden make a wonderful team. Highly suggest the books, and of course the web series archived here. I <3 Amber Benson. ^^ About to read her Death's Daughter book after I finish up Fransica Lia Block's Psyche in a Dress, which I think I might have read already.

Hmm, okay so The Death Tar is greyer in tint than Knockout Cosmetics black. I like both of them, both are matte but there is a difference in the finishes. Can't wait to try on Fuggen Ugly in a few days as it looks like a wicked almost gunmetal grey. Knockout's deco bottle is the prettiest polish packaging I've ever had, the frosted bottles are stunning and for such a long stem and brush it handles easily.

So warm yesterday and today, it was funny though. Snow everywhere on the ground yet so super springy, throwing snowballs in short sleeves lol. Be nice to finally have spring weather, it's truly been a long winter.

Want to be playing Rainbow 6 Vegas:2! With it's scary making music.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mirrors Up for the Urban Decay/Hard Candy stuffy.

Alright the mirrors are up. The Urban Decay portion of the pages are here and the Hard Candy one is here.
There is more I never posted, so will get around to making a more modern version, with cleaned up pictures of the products be them in what condition they are now and the catalogues/mag scans. Along with being more modern, some of the newer polishes I dig, like Knockout Cosmetics,Black Phoenix etc. ^^ Enjoy!

Mirrors etc. More UD Rambling.

Am going to be making proper mirrors of my polish pages that were on tripod (see below post) because quite frankly I'm surprised they are still up. I'd expected to be looking them up on the way back machine. What I will do though is since I still have all my bottles, empty drying or no as well as all the catalogues and print adverts is to rescan and take newer pictures for a proper site. At best back then I was laying the bottles on the scanner, instead of being savvy and taking pictures against a white backdrop with natural light. So hopefully I'll have everything up and fancy soon at my site here. I had some prototypes as well, because I went through a rough period and stopped updating at tripod, but was still (and am still) a polish fiend. So hopefully will get those on there too...

More Urban Decay rambling. I miss the apothecary polish bottles (hell though Hard as Nails came in the same one back then too lol)...the eyeliners packaged in plastic test tubes and lipstick's packaged to look like bullet shell casings...shadows packed to look like manhole covers and the graffiti logo.

Even the catalogues were foxy two really memorable ones to me are of the handsome guy lounging with his toenails painted in Frostbite and the gorgeous picture of a bottle of Gash Polish shattered and spreading on a pane of glass. Then of course the logo would change and an influx of the formerly puke worthy pink took a hold and then polishes of average lines, nothing fancy until finally no polish at all. The packaging right now. Ick. The odd looking purple lipstick package with the little dagger at the bottom. Blech. Although I must admit that the add on Fancy Filigree cap is pretty, I wouldn't plunk $15 for it.

Was it when Vuitton bought them when it started to change, and then of course for Hard Candy which was purchased as well? Probably remembering incorrectly.

We totally need a new beauty company with a hard edge to emerge again, something fun that doesn't closely adhere to what's out there in general and cuts it's own path just like Urban Decay and Hard Candy had done respectively.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've Found It! My Nail Polish tripod pages

My Nail polish tripod site is still up! Check it out Here and marvel at the ancient mess! Wow, I wish I could remember how to access it, as I can't remember which email I used all those a decade or so a go to the account, will have to look round for it. Ahh remember it now, but it's been years inactive so I'm guessing all the other pics that I hadn't put on pages are lost unless I find my hard disc collection which hmmm, might still be around

Look at this page which is a scan of a huge amount of Urban Decay bottles. Looking at them makes me really miss Salmonella and DTs, as well as S&M. Crazy though to see how my old monitor was calibrated color wise now compared to then. There's also scans of catalogues, order form and inserts. I still have these, as well as stickers and the coasters which I'd like to post here to remember the 'Golden Age' (lol) of UD. This was just the Urban Decay portion of my old tripod site.

Here's my other polishes portion of the site. Here is the Hard Candy set of pages. Wow, there are broken images here and there but a lot of scans, including the Candy Man line of polishes and some of the postcards (which I have floating around the house somewhere).

Love looking at all the scans, makes me miss the old UD even more, still have my polish box with dried sadness, should take a picture of that to see what held up over all the years.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nail Polish, Gem Eyelets,Mum

Now I'm nutty foo foo for nail polish. In the late nineties I had a tripod site dedicated to it, hmm wonder if bones of that site are floating around. I love polish, back then I was all about Urban Decay, Hard Candy and well everything from Chanel to Wet and Wild. Have been looking around and see so many amazing nail polish blogs with author's posting amazing swatches, it's fantastic! All these ladies rock bells.

My three very favorites are Scrangie's and Vampy Varnish as well as All Lacquered Up.

Urban Decay, oh how I wish they were still all about the 'Pink makes me Puke' campaign with the apothecary polish bottles and slick colors. Will have to scan in all the old ads and catalogues in and post them. They no longer produce nail polish at all. But oh nail polish wishes, what UD stuff I'd love to see as for these I'm constantly looking for dupes!

1: Frostbite, this was blackened navy and while I've found many a gorgeous dupe from high end to bargain bin just nothing that stood out like that. But admittedly I think I might be remembering it to be better than it was, as I just have nearly empty dried out bottles for comparison.

2: Oilslick, Opi's My Private Jet and For Sephora Never Enough Shoes kinda is like it but more holo (which I enjoy mind) instead of tinier grain glitter.

3: Asphalt, cor this was fantastic it was all about the texture and color that lends it's name. A lovely flat color, not matte completely but a dull shine to go with that texture, it was a bitch to remove but the look was so worth it. Couldn't shift it if you wanted to, lol.

Also I miss Gash polish, loved the lippy and polish went through many of those ^^

Right now I'm really digging Knockout Cosmetics polish. Received these from my sister for my birthday in the pink and black shades. These go on matte and are super flattering. Plus you can also buff them to get a shiny appearance. Reminds me of the old Tony and Tina matte/satin top coat. But dag, it is my current favorite the black is just perfect a nice proper matte black not leaning towards grey.

Hmm...I see IS is making not knock-offs persae, but gem eyelets of their own. Check them out Here. The water opal gem looks really pretty, but I love me some Anatometal Blings and of course BAF. So I'm of mixed feelings about them because I have quite a few of the Anatometal ones and everyone there is super friendly so there's loyalty there. Be interested to see people post in-ear pics. But I can talk up Anatometal's blings for days-the shine on these are mirror like in both the titanium (anodized shades too) and stainless. Haven't worn anything but blings for four years. Also, I don't like the fact that they are so underpriced in titanium, it seems wrong somehow but I guess business is business. They both use Signity Gems, but to me even the pictures show how much foxier Anatometal's Gemmed Eyelets are. Again though that Water Opal pair by IS is giving me the side eye...must resist!

Today is my mum's birthday, I miss her so very much. Sometimes I selfishly wish she was still here...But I know how unfair that is because of the amount of pain and indignities she had to suffer with her illness. It seems like she's been gone both forever and like she just passed. Never go a day without thinking about how much I love her, but I am comforted to know she's not in pain.