Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not So Blue-Berry polish

Meant to post this yesterday. Not So Blue-Berry indeed, it is definitely more on the foil violet side. Hmm, need a new background for pics, that shiny green is getting kinda blech and I think well clashes with most of the things put up against it. lol. Scent wise, this one is very faint even whilst applying; I'll take faint, better than cloying or chemically smelling any day!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Check out Knock Out Cosmetics Liberty is now available for purchase! What a lovely green patina. Lady Liberty indeed!

Scented Raspberry Rapture Polish

Righty, here's Revlon's scented Raspberry Rapture. (reminds me of my mum saying raaahhssssspberry) Pre clean up shot because there's more to try on! (boing /call 19) Mad about Mango is calling my name. Just remembered they didn't have any of the Pretty in Papaya left. Oh wells, that was more than a fair share of haul. lol. Onto the scent, it is just this side of candy raspberry scent, I quite like it. The scent isn't super heavy or cloying. Really strong when applying it however, but it dries down to be quite nice. You aren't wafting it around but it is a pleasant whiff here and there. Can't wait to try the others both for shade and scent.

Not quite sure what I rotted my middle finger on, but owch, maybe a paper cut gone awry or something.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Zoinks, Revlon Scented Polish Locked and Loaded!

Guess what I finally found in stock. Oh, it's tharr in the title,innit? Oh well. I found them, the wicked scented Revlon collection and I must say they are foxy as all get out. Click on the small pic for a larger one.

Boing! I really like Mad about Mango, for trying first it is tied between that and Mon Cherry. Not So Blue-Berry is toes bound. lol.

I really need to be on a no buy, that was just woof.

Nina Ultra Pro Polish/G8C

This is Nina Ultra Pro polish in well, it only has G8C printed on the bottom of the bottle so no fun name that I could find. This was worn to swatch and is just two coats. It warrents a third I think. There was this warm pinkish gold shimmer in the bottle that didn't at all transfer once applied. However I really like this polish.

Mind the dings, was just trying it for a snap and put it on while watching Hot Shots Part Deux on cable. Remember finding it vastly amusing when it came out, but not at all now lol. Doesn't stay funny like Airplane! and Airplane! 2. But it did have hotness like Miguel Ferrar and Rowan Atkinson!!!1eleven! Holy hotness Batman. Besides, guiltily enough was watching that to pass time before the trainwreck of Daisy of Love aired. XD

Sunday, April 26, 2009

BPAL Embalming Fluid Polish

Here's me wearing BPAL's Embalming Fluid, a lovely glow in the dark polish with iridescent glitter. This is three coats of Embalming Fluid with a top coat for shine. Was impossible to get shots that showed how pretty this was, and even more difficult to secure that glow in the dark shot. lol. It is available at here at the Trading Post. Claw polish, wahey!

Annnnnnd in the dark...

Makes for a wonderful top over any polish for a bit of glitter and glow in the dark action. I highly recommend BPAL'a polish, especially Destroying Angel.

Now I must pop outside since there is actually both sunny skies and warm breezes happening. Well at least for a few minutes before I turn pinker.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Knock Out Cosmetics Wahey

Was perusing the fan page of Knock Out Cosmetics well more precisely their Facebook page and ahoy new polishes! There's a green called Liberty which looks aptly like a green patina. Green! /dance +1.

Also coming is a deep purple called Ox (hope it's Ox bloody, that'd be pr0n). As well as shades called Concrete, Pool, Nude and Chocolate which from the small picture also look perfectly named. My greedy mitts want them all! All I tell you. On the page it says that Concrete and Pool will be released mid-May, Nude and Chocolate mid fall.

The page says that Liberty shall be released next week, and the week following Ox shall.

Ridiculously excited by these new shades, do go look at the pics toute de suite!

Liberty, though wow can't wait till my digits are rocking it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot Topic Turquoise/Pink Glitter

Here are the two that I couldn't resist from hot topic, one is Turquoise and Hot Pink Glitter and the other is Teal.

This is two coats of the Turquoise and Hot Pink. Was good coverage and dried fast despite it being sort of globby in bottle. It did do a little bit of tip shrinkage on like two tips, so it isn't that bad or super noticeable unless you are looking for it. These run $2.99 a pop.

And here's a close up.

My SOTU box set came yesterday, it was everything and more than I hoped it would be!

Dirty Nerdy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sounds of the Universe!

Sorry no polish on this post, am wearing Revvolution again (I posted a pic and edited it out of this post, having forgotten I'd posted a swatch of Revvolution). Will post tonight a new mani maybe! Really enjoying Revvolution.

Can't believe it is weds. feels like a monday. Hmmmm.

Been playing Pogo Bowling at Pogo, don't know what possesed me to give Pogo a go, but it's been fun. Lots of distracting games. Reminds me of the addiction I had to Gamesville's bingo during insomnia spikes. Must evade hot bingo action. lol. XD


Haven't had luck finding the new Revlon scented polish collection. There's two I definitely want. Maybe three. Must show restraint! Wish Anna Sui still made polishes, I loved the packed glitter and the rose scent. All of the Anna Sui line had that rosey scent. Miss those loads.

Oh! Yesterday I got my mitts on Depeche Mode's Sounds of the Universe download, Amazon says my box set is otw to me now. Squeeeeeeeeeeee! The album is brilliant! Martin Gore ftw! <3 <3 <3

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glamour with Nfu Oh 52, DS yammering.

I really am fond of DS Glamour, it is just such an amazing shade, never mind the holo! But I wanted to make it extra shiney so I added a coat of Nfu Oh 52 which lent it a more violet shade with the infamous chunky glitter. That pro wide brush though, it is just as fiddly as the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry one imho.

Saw an advert about trading in old DSes can fetch seventy dollars off the new DSi. Ayii temptation. Grrr argh! Don't really need it. Think other thoughts, like nail polish thoughts or saving up for aforementioned PS3 console. Or bill thoughts. Probably the latter. XD

Saturday, April 18, 2009

CC Volt of Light, Playstation woes

Ugh, preface this picture with the fact that I dinged my index fingernail on the camera no less. So smudge ahoy, decided on wearing DS Fantasy for the day (first time wearing it and ahh it's gorge!) instead or I'd of fixed it for the picture. Sorry for that laziness.

This is Color Club Volt of Light, really into these violently neon shades of late. This is two coats, it does have drag marks and tends to pool on this particular shade. I think a third coat and it'd have been perfect. Think for me this would be more of a toenail shade. Doesn't suit me really.

Was at the Toys R Us today and managed to back down from getting my own PS3. Will continue to have that cash separate and maybe next month cave. It is such a cash plunge when you buy new consoles, games aside even not even thinking of headsets etc.

Friday, April 17, 2009

ManGlaze Polish ,BPAL Tray...

Here's ManGlaze's Fuggen Ugly. Have to say, it's foxy as all get out. A lovely flat gunmetal grey. I think it's perfect for the this length of nails, when my nails are short like this I love a strong shade.

Oh! My BPAL haul came yesterday. The Labbies are crazy fast these days. Could hardly believe it, that they've arrived. Today I'm wearing Velvet Unicorn, and I love the label art. It smells what I thought Dirty Pillowcase was going to smell. I'm smell like yummy sugaaaah!

Talking of BPAL, I made another BPAL tray, lacquering various BPAL inserts onto a basic wood serving tray. This one has a two of the Carnival Diabolique tickets one front side and one reverse a long with some of the postcards. Click on both for larger pictures if you'd like to see it more clearly. ^^

Here's the first one I made from a couple years ago.

Would love to make more, but the shop near me doesn't offer the same sort of lacquer so I need to look around for some.

I want my own PS3, playing it is so fun, I need to commit to this console. XD

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Color Club Revvolution + More

Wahey, finally got my mitts on Color Club Revvolution. It reminds me so much of UD's Oilslick which was my fav. Dag, I see that my inner voice is going with comparing various polishes to old UD stuff is still going strong. Really I'll stop. XD

It isn't as vibrant as a lot of the amazing swatches I've seen, but my word it is lovely. Definitely an instant fav. Like that hot holo action in the sun. Heheh.

Righty here's what I had incoming finally arrived, click on the picture to get a larger one.

From left to right is...

Creative Voodoo, CC Electro Candy, CC Volt of Light, CC What a Shock! and CC Vivid Intensifying Top Coat.

I tried on Volt of Light, I love it. Just insanely bright. Think I will do What a Shock! next. ^^

Oh and for a random closer here's my pirate cat sticking his tongue out at me and chef big arse resting in the background.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Misa Toxic Seduction

Hmm, here's Misa's Toxic Seduction. It is pretty, reminds me of UD's Gangrene without the slight violet duochrome and Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in Jumpin' Jade, but Toxic Seduction is more jade in tint then Jumpin' Jade's heavy teal tones. Toxic Seduction is like a less blackened Date Night by Barielle. Quite nice. ^^

I think a package is coming my way, today-polish ahoy! Am on a no buy from this mini binge and the Karen of course, so I best make em last for a good while.

Just saw Wonderland, was fun, not as good as Super Bad...kind of longish but amusing. His friends were awesome. XD

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Full Karen Mani

Here's a picture of a full mani using KO's Karen. ^^

Eggs were decorated yeseterday and in a few minutes shall set to hiding those and millions of plastic ones. Hopefully it will just remain overcast and not go back into rain! ; ;

Hope everyone has a great day today!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some UD and HD Catalogue Pics,Elijah Lucian/YTCracker,Blythe

First off I'd like to preface by saying my mirrors are up for my old (late nineties early 00s)UD and HC Pages are up, that had scans of polishes and catalogue materials. A fun make up time capsule. They are located here: Urban Decay and Hard Candy respectively. ^^

But I thought I'd post some newer shots of, like this picture from a Hard Candy catalogue showing the range of polishes at that time. I found this particular cache of Urban Decay and Hard Candy catalogues stored with two Auraze catalogues (remember those giant rave pants and ripstop skirts?) dated 1999! So that puts somewhat a date on these.

Here's some fun promo items, coasters showing a makeup look by Urban Decay, on the backside lists products used as well as a cheesey pick up line with a space to put your name and number to hand out.

Ah what else, oh the dog bowl from the Todd Oldham Urban Animal Collection.

Will make a shorter sig/url insert, think that was my artwork one. Much too bulky for these. XD

Purchased Elijah Lucian's album and highly recommend it. If you purchase it, you also get the download straight away so you can play it before the physical copy arrives. I'd heard him singing on YTCracker's Serious Business album on the tracks Hardly Tell (and the remix of) Lay Downand Over and Over (which I highly recommend, is teh cheap on iTunes; worth admission price with the song I am a Pirate WIN!). Which are amazing, and you can hear YT on Elijah Lucian's album on the track You Say as well. Much praise!

Closing this post with a picture of my custom Blythes one is a zombie. XD Zombies Organize! My nephew helped me out with the posing and hooked me up with the GI Joe weaponry. We took a bunch of different pictures that day, this is my particular fav. though ^^

DM Stream! Karen/Flatte

Here's a maybe Harley Quinn mani, might be pushing it but hey. Was in haste to try KO's Karen, which I'm wearing here with KO Flatte Black. Karen is such a cherry tomato, it was entirely worth the asking price in my opinion, yes I'm sure with a regular flat top coat can be duped easily, but really I'm just loving the formula and shade. The speed of dry time is great, this would be perfect for an emergency mani too! Will also be doing soon a side by side of Flatte Black again'st ManGlaze's The Death Tar for comparison.

Oh hotness! You can listen to a stream here of the entire new Depeche Mode album Sounds of the Universe!

I hope there are eggs to decorate today lol, mind you the only eggs I'm fond of are creme eggs. ;)

Have a whole bunch I plan on adding so if I've spare time today will post a bunch of various polish related pictures, for sure scanning a lot of my older UD promo material. Have a happy holiday everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wahey Karen!

My bottle of Karen and Flatte Top came a few mins ago, so here's a quick and dirty pic. Tonight will hope to take better pictures of and a mani...Great timing because I trimmed and shaped my nails yesterday after a breaking a nail opening up a plastic case. Grr! Oh well. ^^

Looks like if a cherry tomato didn't have a shine. Am loving it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nars Ziggy,Rocky,Orly

Here's Nars' Ziggy, it is cute, but the formula was just not fantastic. Very streaky this one was. It is such a gorgeous shimmery almost buttery gold. Does not at all suit my skin tone. Blech. Pale and pink ftl!! Naah just gold doesn't suit me. Heh.

Putting in on it reminded me a lot of Chanel's (Petillant) Shine.

They are certainly closely matched Ziggy being a touch warmer.

Thought I'd spruce Ziggy up with a coat (will add another I think) of Orly's Prisma Gloss Gold.

Oh they match an old pair of Kaos eyelets! Would downsize to match lol, they are cute!

What a mess I made of this hasty mani, ordered some more of those correction pens when I caved and purchased Revvvolution, so this time I will be honouring the non messy pics when I have more. Oh and for fun I thought I'd post a picture of my Rocky Johnson, he is sat on a suction cup, he knocked over his hammock that was attached to the cup. lol. Isn't he handsome? ^^

Played FFXI, and didn't get my en spells, a friend was able to locate some of the new WHM spells for me though. Quelle surprise another maintenance today. There is always maintenance after maintenance. Should just announce it will be two days in a row. Oh Squeenix. XD

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BPAL update! FFXI

Wahey, it's BPAL's The Salon: Velvet Paintings. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page. This update is fantastic I snagged myself Velvet Clown,Velvet Pink Kitty, Velvet Tiger and Velvet Unicorn! Just read those descriptions, they are going to be phenomenal!!!

Just mini squee, I'm sure there was something I meant to write about or some hot polish action. It will come to me...eventually ^^

Am downloading my FFXI, post maintenance/Crystalline Prophecy update. New stuff for RDM and WHM. Been waiting on it! More En spells!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Creative Turquoise Tint,Lauder Midnight

Wanted to give sheer another go, regardless of my nails having hot staining action from the glut of darker shades I normally wear. This is two coats of Creative's Turquoise Tint which is still sheer, a third would probably rock full coverage. The name is misleading however, I don't see turquoise at all it is a pastel green shimmer. Really gorgeous IMHO but quite far from turquoise. It does look it in bottle though, certainly worth the purchase. ^^

Got my email notice that my bottle of Karen from Knock Out Cosmetics is on the way. Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited +1!

Seche Vite Restore'd an ancient bottle of Estee Lauder Perfect Finish Nail Lacquer in Midnight within a inch of it's life (with aide of clear polish). This came out around the same time that the original release of Chanel's Vamp if I recall correctly. It's a blackened shimmering purple and it was impossible to get a good shot of it. This was one of my sister's fav. polishes so hoping to surprise her with it. Worked well tried it on, but didn't think to take a shot.

Monday, April 6, 2009

KO Calamine

I did say I was going to clean up from here on out, but this was prior to a hear on out XD Anyways, on to it then, here is Calamine from Knock Out Cosmetics. Completely gorgeous, palest of pale matte pink. I love it, my fingernails look like mini eggs. Sort of. Of course, a picture of the gorgeous bottle. Also aside from clean up, I am going to find a neutral central location to take bottle pictures so everything can be seen properly. Can't wait again for my bottle of Karen to arrive!

Was unable to resist getting Color Club Revvvolution today, I figured since I am able to hold off on UDPP in Sin, I can get a dead cheap polish...or a couple. Also looking forwards for it to arrive, from all the swatches I've seen it's like a holo porn version of UD's old Oilslick, one of my fav. polishes of all times.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jumpin' Jade, Peeps,Cheetos. Nerdapalooza what?!?111one!eleven

Alrighty, here's a picture of Sally Hansen's Insta Dry in Jumpin' Jade. I swear I'll do clean up before taking snaps from here on out. Really. Also there's a picture of the tapped handle, this thing is fiddly as hell. The formula does dry quickly, but it didn't make it through a morning of playing ball.

Ahh, grocery shopped to get the snacks for 'Mania which I should be the off for in a few minutes lol and look my Peeps haul, to stay yummy and Peepsy until the Christmas ones roll out XD wahey Peepsgasm! The peach ones are so cute, wonder if this tint is new this year?

Got my physical copy of The Nerdapalooza Tapes! You can purchase it now and access it via mp3 format, so you don't have to wait to hear it til the cd comes in. It can be purchased here. I stuck in the note that came with from TCP from Rocket Propelled Geeks, didn't want to misplace it. Definitely worth the purchase, you've got Front,Maja,CSHC, Schaffer and more!

Oh oh oh. Look at the Giant Cheeto. Is it not slightly terrifying?!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nars Orgasm, Thanks Ladies! DSi,'Mania

First off I want to say a big blushing thank you to two lovely ladies, Nixxy (Nixxy's Nails) and Brooke (Getcha Nails Did) for sending a shout out to my blog here. I am so flattered and my sincere hope is that I can provide a blog that is as humorous and swatch filled hotness as yours are ladies. *^^* Thank you again!

Orgasm time. Well, Nars time anyways. This is two coats of Orgasm which is as lovely as the blush and gloss are. For complete coverage three coats is in order, which I think I'll slap on because...well you saw the state of my nails rocking sheer. Not good at the moment lol. Plus I broke my index fingernail which is vexing, because the second I break one I like to file them all to like length and they just got longish. Blast!

Oh check out this cute hot pink and turquoise glitter nail polish atHot Topic, I always like to nab their polishes as they are cheap and not a bad formula, sometimes the handling leaves a bit to be desired. But look how cute that is.

Hmm, I know several people who are champing at the bit to get their mitts on The Nintendo DSi. Mind you it looks amazing with all the new features, and I certainly do want one...down the road. Hopefully there will be a pink one in future. Available at midnight, in blue and black. Looks fun as all hell. Don't know if I need one per sae, my regular DS is wonderful, besides I imagine I can pinch one from friends to try out. I hope. Pretty sure my nephws are all about it. Here's my hot nerdery pink DS. Replete with dog chew marks in corner and Boba Fett. XD

Talking of nephews one painted his a vibrant blue today, he's a Jeff Hardy fan, and digs painting his nails on the week-ends :) We are getting Wrestlemania tom. at the house so it will be all kinds of loud and tacky tomorrow. There will be much carbo loading in the form of pizza and whatever junky stuff we can find. Should be a wild time had by all.

Was able to get a June appt. with Mark at Spilt Milk! Which is awesome considering his wait times! Very excited, one of my sisters just got another piece by Mark thursday and it's gorgeous! Plus my brother's sleeve is on the wall there, which will be fun to see.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

CG Black Diamond

Hmm, here's a snap of China Glaze's Black Diamond after two coats. It is really pretty, and not what I'd expected. It more heavily leans towards a dark gun metal grey then black, there are slight hints of blue. Really quite like it.

Am on a makeup jones today, really trying to resist the call of the tinted Sin Urban Decay Primer Potion sold at Sephora as I love the original formula so much, the tinted is being all siren songin' it.

Also, really and making goo goo eyes at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip balm in Tarred. Am a fan of black sheer glosses and lippy for the way they darken. I have Lipstick Queen's lippy in Black Tie Optional, but don't want to plunk $22 for the gloss as well so I generally slap Cover Girl's Wetslicks Amazemint (mmm minty!) in Happy Hour over it. (The CG gloss is very sheer with a blue tint). Hell I slap that over Nars' Orgasm gloss as well, brings up the shine nicely and again that minty feel!

The OCC balm is just $10 comparatively. I have to say I adore Lipstick Queen's packaging on the lippy, will need to snap up a picture.

Am so looking forwards to my KO Karen to arrive. /dance!