Monday, July 27, 2009

Wet N Wild Chrome Polish in Cobalt

I should have taken a picture of this bottle for scale, it is a mini for sure, it is a cute Wet N Wild polish, in their current Chrome line of polishes in Cobalt which is a teal blue shimmer. Not really heavily metallic or chrome like particularly.

The bottle is .29 fl.oz/8,5mL full. and just runs about $1.99 at Rite Aid, a couple of cute colors but this was the only one that really caught my eye.

The formula itself was fast drying, but was quite thin so it took three with a top of Poshe. It is a bit greener in tone than it pictures. If your nails are longer it might need a fourth for coverage but mine are quite short at the moment so I can't tell if it would be thin at the length. ^^


Outdoors, overcast.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ulta Starstruck Polish

Let me start out by saying I couldn't at all capture any where near half how gorgeous this appears on the nail. This is just chock full of glittery goodness, three coats (could have gone with two, but really wanted to be hog wild with immersion) strong with Poshe, and even before I put the Poshe on the coats were fairly quick to dry and with some glitters that is quite an amazing feat in and of itself.

Also I haven't notice any side corner chunks coming off yet, I always hate how that some times can happen with a glitter laden polish how the corner tips can slough off fairly quickly into the mani's shelf life.


Outdoors, sunlight.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sula Sky Polish

Let me see, I like the color. The application was fun, peeling it off was marginally fun, but certainly didn't work all the time, so removal with polish remover was also needed.

Says on the bottle for extended wear to use a top and base coat, I'd recommend that as well if you have softer nails, I do and it feels like my nails are naked and the feel the slightest bit weak with just this applied.

You can see the nicks in my index fingernails, the bubbly application and every ridge and imperfection ... can't hide with this formula.

Dries super fast, cute shades but it is certainly not worth the asking price of $9. by any leap. Had I no had blinders on from having had a rough few days and then being psyched at going to Ulta I'd probably of not gone as crazy! But do like the shades I chose and will wear and swatch with top coats.

Two coats indoors, no top coat.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Ulta Haul, Nerdy Haul...stuff.

I finally got to hit an Ulta today for the first time ever lol, there aren't any around where I live, but I went quite far off for a shopping adventure with my sister and a friend with my nephew and her little one and there was an Ulta on the lot so I made haste and hit that action so fast!

Errm, also something like these aren't like the others, I also made a haul of a different kind which I will also address wahey. ^.~

I bought a bunch of the Sula polishes, I'd seen them on All Lacquered Up, they are Paint and Peel polishes, like grown up Tinkerbell polishes! That is just sick, such a gimmick I can get behind, totally had to restrain myself, cute color range as well.
From left to right the Sula shades are Midnight, Moss, Azure and Sky.

I also picked up Ulta's own brand polish in Starstruck and a Piggy Polish in You're Blue-tiful, after seeing so many lovely Piggy Polish swatches on Kittyluv's Color'sblog seeing them in person I knew I had to pick one up, was hard to choose!

Oh, yes and also finally picked up UD's Primer Potion in Sin and am so excited about it especially in this weather where makeup goes to pot in the humidity in seconds.

Now to address the nerdy elephant in the room (picture?).

Since I was shopping with Mr Maxy I had to hit the toy aisle (sure, that's my working excuse in this paragraph) scoping out what's good getting him and his brother a surprise and oooh look Baroness, I can't resist, she is my fav. character in the GI Joe world growing up I was a GI Joe nerd and loved the evil evil (also dark haired!) vilaness! So anytime I see a cool Baroness figure. Plop. My nephews will give me them from time to time, it is very cute ^^

Also the mini Jetfire, it's like a having a mini robotic version of my father. For the lulz. And for the nerdery. There may or may not be a non pictured largish Ironhide.

Waiting for the Monthly version FFXI/A Moogle Kupo d'Etat update to finish up. Have done the download actually, which went fairly quickly surprisingly. Haven't bought the Moogle Kupo d'Etat expansion, to be honest haven't finished/gotten into ACP. With the reset maybe I can run into Bloodtear or Steelfleece my fav. NMs. I like rams. What can I say.

Geeky Screeny!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Gunmetal

I found this in a little bowl for fifty percent off at CVS, with two other polishes (there was another of this one,and a caustic looking pink). Wahey! Really, really like this one, such a strong blue lean to this aptly named Gunmetal polish. Two coats (Hard as Nails/Xtreme Wear Gunmetal) and Poshe top. ^^.


Outdoors, sunlight. Sorry for the tip wear, have had this on a couple of days and just thought now to get a snap!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Digital Polish

Woah, this is florescent like you wouldn't believe! Outside this polish is amazing. This is Sally Hansen HD polish in Digital, and amazingly this wasn't a four coater, but just two coats with a top of Poshe!

Yes it is still doing that weird pool thing at the base, but been reading reviews that it is not uncommon with the HD's about the pooling happening unfortunately. It is still gorgeous though, the glow on this is crazy!


Outdoors in the sunlight ^^

Revlon Nails Fashion Runway Collection Nails, reviewed

All right, here it is reviews of the nails, my sister declined pictures being taken.
Fie! But, here is what she had to say of them, she chose the same design as well though. They stood up well to dishes, cooking (including cookie making, which as you know is messy work at the best of times) and scrutiny from a friend who wears professionally done nails.

We both thought it was difficult to text, both having Blackberrys of the same model, I in fact chipped some of the silver 'chrome' off the stuff near the center ball with the nails. Massive misspellings and corrections lol. Being a gamer had to see how these did with my gaming macros, which are programmed buttons and how I could hit them (sometimes I have trouble hitting them my my natural nails get long) and with the crazy long middle finger length caused a bit of trouble, but nothing super bad, had to get used to typing with the longer nails, but was less of a nuisance then texting.

I haven't had false nails in years, so it was strange getting used to the feel, but the Revlon nails didn't have that super alien feel to them, they were quite comfortable. My sister said she only felt discomfort in her thumb and that was for just a day til she shaped it. Her removal was a good process, she said they just popped off for her and her natural nails only felt soft for a day before hardening back up. My removal was a tad bit harder, but my nails have always been a bit weaker.

What I would like to have seen more of though would have been more sizes for the pinky and a bit longer, my natural pinky was filed down super low and the false one barely covered it which was surprising considering how massive the middle nail was to all the others. When I made a gaffe with the pinky I was hard pressed to find another size for my pinky that I didn't have to MacGuyver with a file to fit. So more pinky and possibly index sizes please!

Basically, while long nails aren't generally my style I do love the way they look ,these Revlon styles are truly gorgeous and I enjoyed the fantasy of having perfect nails for a few days and would absolutely use the product again especially if there was a special event and I wanted to be especially decked out. Thank you very much Revlon for letting me try out your product.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Revlon Nails! Transformers 2 ROTF

Hello, doing something new, I was super kindly approached to try out and review some of Revlon's gorgeous array of Runway Collection temporary false nails, and they are super adorable.

They were most generous as well with the amount of designs to choose from, my sister and I are are both trying them right now for dual reviews so it will be a few days time time to have a proper review for wear etc!

Mind my pinky nail, I did mess up there and get a bit of glue on it and could not find another comparable size to replace it unfortunately.

But here's a quick pic! ^^ This design is called Sequins.

ZOMG Transformers 2 ROTF. Wow. Geekgasm. I can't even begin to go on about how much I enjoyed it, I could get nitpick-y and spoilery here, but I will not do either of those things. One word I will say, Constructicons! ZOMG!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Ivy League

Happy Fourth to those in the States ^^

I've a Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish today in Ivy League a green with a nice gold tint to it, and shocker it only took two coats with a top of Poshe. I really like this one, the display had a huge array of amazing colors it, but I resisted and only picked up Ivy League because of the huge purchase of the HD collection last month which I still haven't tried on all of (looking forwards to getting round to it though!).

Sorry that I didn't think to peel off the sticker, tacky >.< although the price was a fine sight better than what the HD polishes cost can tell ya.

Two coats, with poshe on top, nice dense pigmentation, nice even application too. Indoors. Lack of clean up pen. Errm *^^*;

Outdoors. Sunlight. Sunny day, finally!

Am a day behind or so reading blogs hope to catch up tomorrow after bbq fun. Hopefully tomorrow will also get around to seeing Transformers as well, the weather has been bad, so the theaters have been packed where I live that you can't get on the lots to see anything. I want to see me some Optimus!!!!one!!eleven!!