Friday, November 6, 2009

The New Hard Candy polishes! Where I've been, and more.

Sorry for being so absent most of last month, I notice I barely posted and need catching up again on everyone's blogs. Last month nearly everything that could have gone wrong, had done. One of my cats was really ill, she's getting better now, but had to be taken to the veterinarian's care and tests all sorts, and might need more in future, she seems to be on the mend though.

So that caused a lot of stress, some issues with the house and a whole host of lovely other things just piled up at once to make the month awesome, right left and center. I'm positive things are on an upswing though.

Nail polish wise, I'd been trying new ones, and have a bunch to swatch for you all, several pics that I had taken conspired against me, either they didn't turn out well and weren't salvageable in photoshop or repeatedly were funny angled with bad shadows overlapping...

Some polishes were so bad they chipped the same day and and that was so pretty started to recede about half an hour upon application it was craziness.

Have tried two out of the three Maybelline Express Finish polishes I brought, and two strikes so far. >.< Great colors, just chip-tastic, and it brings the lulz with a claim of 50 seconds to dry. Not even 5 mins on that second coat. Still had to whip out the Poshe to speed it up.

Went to Walmart yesterday to get odds and ends and naturally was excited to scope out the new Hard Candy polishes, especially since they are now so inexpensive, (well for Hard Candy!! Wicked!).

Unfortunately, two women were just stocking the Hard Candy section and I am a bit timid so I asked them if I could quickly grab some so I kind of blindly grabbed quite a few (and I mean that!), but next time I go, will really take a good hard look at them! There was an awesome looking taxi cab yellow.

One of them had the ring/plastic off, they are shrink wrapped in plastic onto the bottles, and are quite hard plastic and slip off the bottle necks unlike the original jelly rings that were sometimes hard to shift off the necks at all.

Click the picture to see it enlarged! ^^

Colors in order are...

Mr. Right, Hot Pants, Sweet P, Pretty in Punk, Mermaid, Envy, Rumor Mill, Break Up.

Also, just to show the difference in bottles over time, there's an original bottle of holiday LE Icky Eggnog, which I shook like crazy to make look like more was in it, looks so much like Sweet P, which is why I grabbed it, save Sweet P is smooth glitter rather then chunky holo glitter, and the newer bottle is flanked by a later Hard Candy polish bottle in Glitch. ^^

Nerdery time.

Last night my friend tried to synth me a signed (with his name on) Aristo's, the first synth failed, because he wasn't facing south apparently...but the second worked! This was his first Aristocrat's Jacket synth ever! I'm so proud of him and he's so excited I'm glad to wear it and advertise his Pro crafting skill, the NQ version is of course the Noble's Tunic which I put on the AH immediately. LOL. XD Good for him though, last sold Aristo's sold for 2.7 million gil. Average cost of gil to make, 500-600k gil. Hot!


  1. So sorry about your cat. It's horrible when an animal gets sick. Glad that your back. I need to get some of that Hard Candy Polish!

  2. WOW an orginal icky eggnog, i had this back when it came out (christmas 1996). Would you we willing to trade-sell this to me??? contact me

  3. On no! you missed my favorite "Mr. Wrong"..that color rocks!