Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hmm, so I got a tube of Breath Palette's toothpaste as a gift in Pumpkin Pudding flavor this christmas (thanks Amanda!) in my stocking. Straight out the gate I was mildly grossed out yet intruiged, tooth paste in Pumpkin Pudding flavor? What, why, how? All of those.

However, it is super tasty to my surprise. A big ol fan of pumpkin, this tasted more honey like then pumpkin but using it, now crest and colgate may have to take a permanent backseat. Showroom clean every time, feels like being back from the hygienest each use, my old brands just can't come close to it. Doesn't feel as harsh.

Have to laugh though at the slogan 'Experience the flavor. Enjoy the menthol finish.' Sounds like a late eighties Newport ad.

A lot of the flavors sound quite good, but for me entirely questionable is Bitter Chocolate and Cola. Doesn't sound palettable when you want for that fresh clean feeling. Nothing sounds as refreshing as say brushing with flat Cola. Wondering about giving the Rose or Lavender a go. The mouthwash flavors sound interesting too.

Alright enough of that. Head to Hipster Please! and download Optimus Rhyme's amaaaazing holiday EP
TransfORmed. Everything and more than you could want from Optimus Rhyme. Perfect and made of win. Also Hipster Please! is fantastic, check it super often -totally the best of what's nerdy!

How good does this sound? Love the description, thinking of sometime splashing out for a bottle. Wine's not super my thing though. Maybe the description and all that Maynard James Keenan is making it more alluring to me. Mystery.

Got an mail from Steel Navel about a sale and how they have a shazzload of new Kaos stuff, so I clicked to right off because they had the Bronze/Black Leopard print eyelets check out how cute they are. But they'd already sold out of them. Hope BAF stocks them sometime in future. <3

Oldish news, but news nonetheless! 11th Doctor has been revealed! Check out this article from the Telegraph about Matt Smith. Hmm. I <3 10th Doctor David Tennant so much, it will be a hard adjustment but am looking forwards to seeing what Matt Smith does. Who am I kidding? I dig 9th Chris Eccleston too. XD I mean come on, right? Wahey. But man, David Tennant! He's my Time Lord. Yes I said it. That's some hot nerdery right there.

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