Sunday, January 25, 2009

Partial Rumble! Spoilerific!

Hmm, so been watching the Royal Rumble with Max and D. Of course now that the battle royale starts we have to wait til tomorrow. School day! Boo hiss, I got to stay up for that in my day heheheh. Oh wait, I digress. So Matt Hardy starts off against Jack Swagger, and pretty much gives a solid brilliant performance yet quelle surprise Swagger retains the belt. Unfortunate but not a shocker, it doesn't take goss sites (wahey Rajah) sites to tell you he'll keep the belt on him.

Yet Hardy deserves it...but too many looksees on 'news' sites will give you the false hope of an interference by Christian, who is finally otw back to WWE after rocking it in TNA. Lots of 'We Want Christian' shouts, interference in brother Jeff Hardy's championship bout. So lots of crazy bumps taken, Chavo Guerrero and Vicky Guerrero interfering. Matt comes out, gets chairs for himself and Jeff and of course I'm cheesey and am all oooh 'conchairto' (hell we all were lol) but no Matt puts a swerve on and lays out Jeff basically handing Edge the championship.

Now I know it's all a giant soap opera, having watched it since I was six and having a brother who wrestled I'm no stranger to storylines being mapped out months/weeks in advanced etc. Just check leaks on storylines on various gossip and new sites will map out a good portion of what you'll see. But dag, this doesn't sit right with me, it isn't enjoyable to me to see Matt Hardy portrayed as a childish, vindictive boor who lays out his brother in jealousy to see someone like Edge over.

For me Matt Hardy over the years has worked too hard, too earnestly and too well to get stuck into yet another unsavoury role while Jeff Hardy once again gets elevated. Yes his spots are amazing, wow no one can rock ladder moves and aerials quite in the manner Jeff Hardy does..all the same Matt Hardy is always being positioned to be seen badly just as you think he's smooth sailing, like holding the ECW championship belt. Ahem. At least it's pretty.

Can't wait to see the Rumble tomorrow, must evade sites to see the winner. Such temptation but for it costing what it does ppv wise, I think I'll manage it. XD
Just. Heheh. Good lord I enjoy harping on about wrestling. Frightening isn't it?
Ahh well, will still cheer on Matt Hardy regardless of this icky heel turn. Now here's to hoping Burchill is in the Rumble! My pick for winners is either Kozlov or Trips. For guesses, in a world where I'd be all squee I'd want it to be Burchill or CM Punk.

Funnily though, have never minded or been really shameful of watching and attending wrestling. People have a lot to say about it good or bad never really straight down the middle in my experience people either dig it or openly hate it with a passion. Again I relate it to a soap opera, but instead of large hair and bad clothes, it is bad hair and dodgey spray tans and bad clothes too, admittedly.

Blech the stomach flu has finally caught me, it has run the course through everyone in the house and I thought I rocked some +1 evasion. Not so much apparently. That's not going to be fun tonight and into tomorrow unfortunately. Oh good, I'm done marking out over wrestling tonight and rambling on at length. ^^

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