Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trust the Gorton's Fisherman.

The new Gorton's Fisherman. Is it me or does he look like an escapee of a Grecian Formula advert? Also that beard looks like glued on monster fur you buy at AC Moore. Plus the creepy attempt to be captain thanks. Sad the commercial made that sort of impression. XD

I have the theme from Cleopatra 2525 stuck in my head, passed it when browsing through Hulu for shows to watch...Gina Torres aside I can't bring myself to watch it, besides it isn't fun if it isn't backed by Jack of All Trades lol. Insomnia sunday in the middle of the night made these shows and probably Xena if I recall a good time at like two and three a.m. respectively. I think that Jack of All Trades is on Hulu as well but haven't given it a look. Just recently I think added Angel which is great cause who can find the dvds heheh.

Talking of been rocking my Buffy dvds right and left because of how much fun I've been having browsing the Buffy Wiki lately. More hot Whedon-y stuff on the horizon and with Eliza Dushku at that! Faith of course being my fav. Slayer. <3 <3 <3 Just can't wait for Dollhouse!

I miss the linear buffy pb ; ; those were such good times.

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