Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud

Let me open with how much I love this particular polish! It is ridiculously pretty, it has a very antique-y kind of look to it, in fact if it was slightly less heavy on the purple it looks a lot like the old Urban Decay polish Chains.

This is one of the new Sally Hansen HD's called Opulent Cloud, not sure what the others looked like aside from a red shade because the display was mostly empty by the time I got round to it lol!

This is beautiful though and looks completely different in all sorts of lighting changes, the shift on it is something else, definitely worth the higher price tag for this particular HD. Plus, unlike the other HD's this one only required two coats for complete coverage and yes I did pop on Poshe on top. ^^

Indoor lighting, two coats, Poshe top.


0.. <--- kitty on the keyboard type. XD He likes to sleep on the LAN tower or the Monitor top, he took over the spots from my girl cat, the LAN tower is cold in the summer from the fans and the monitor is super warm...So now when he wants attention he drapes his arms down the front of the monitor and slides down down down til his paws touch the keyboard so I will scoop him up. He's getting on in years so I can't resist this little trick.

I fall for it at least three times a night for a cuddle.


  1. That is so pretty on you! I've yet to find it but you can be sure if I do, I'm getting one :)

  2. Looked for this one today and none to be had. That's a gorgeous color. So far you've shown it at it's best. I wasn't sure what shade it really was. Looks lovely on you. I don't blame your cat for getting warm on the monitor. I wish I could get warm with it also.

  3. This is a great color! Looks so nice on you :)

  4. I can't recommend this polish enough, it almost looks like unanodized titanium. I wish I could as well Lucy, it has been so cold lately and so early on too!