Monday, October 5, 2009

Urban Decay Meltdown; Aion

I'm really behind in reading people's blogs and in posting just a lot of things have kind of toppled on me and need to wade back through and start enjoying the little things again. Looking forwards to catching up on everyone's blogs, I know I'm only a couple days behind, but sometimes that can feel like ages!

This polish is truly pretty though, was amazed at just how bright it is. Initially I thought it was close to one of the original polishes, but when I put it next to the bottle, this came up as lighter. Wicked pretty though I think!

Two coats again, marvelous. Poshe making another top coat appearance. This one is called Meltdown.

Two coats, top of Poshe indoors.

Outside, sunny.

Lookaway, nerdery below! Decided to give Aion a go, and my god it is beautiful. The graphics are insane. Even the music is lovely and hasn't put me off...yet. I want my wings lol. Can see one of my chars Here which is a level 8 priest, and Here" which is a level 5 Scout.

Which are opening jobs before you can unlock your advanced jobs. Cool that you can see the characters online and what they look like model wise, although the resolution is better in game. Things look gorgeous in game.

I am torn which to do more on however, because I've done in games mage like crazy and might be nice to just straight tank stuff. But hey mage is good right? Hmm, wonder when they update the online info because my Priest has a title and that isn't showing up there. Tree Hugger I believe.

There is more xp needed to advance to level nine, then there is xp in the whole of level 75 to max out buffer in FFXI. LOL! So yeah lvl even in low is a grind. Also, you have to block out Kinah (Gold/Gil/RMT) sellers upon logging in or else there is so much spam that you can't see through the chat log. Hell I didn't know if anyone ever spoke to me through all the spam.

At least I haven't run to any more queues to log on. First two nights I had it were half an hour waits for the server...first night I waited half an hour, was able to make my character then server bumped me. Was so mad lol. Haven't run into that since.

I like the quests and how it shows on the maps with markers so you don't need to log to wikis to find NPCs information, so it's fun to wander. Am really enjoying it so far. Will take me forever to advance since I still have EG commitments on FFXI so balance my fun play time and keep games being fun.