Sunday, September 27, 2009

Urban Decay Apocalypse Polish; New FFXIV Trailer

Another beauty from the UD Apocalyptic Collection, this one is the Apocalypse polish itself. Which is for the lovely vampy shade, surprisingly and beautifully another two coat wonder. I'm loving these two coaters from this collection.

This is a very vamp like burgandy brown, it can appear black but it is definitely more towards brown and the currant berry base color is quite apparent. Quite a striking shade that is hard to describe, but looks amazing on. Two coats and the usual habitual Poshe top.

Indoors, two coats, Poshe top.

Outdoors, overcast.

A new trailer for FFXIV has been released, also on the Offical Site sign up for the beta has been introduced. Exciting. But never mind...checky new trailer. This was released at the TGS!


  1. Oooh! Very cool. I can never resist a good vampy!

  2. Nicole is right..I have it the same with good vampys.

  3. Just a gorgeous vamp! How does the Urban Decay polish wear? I've never had any and might order. I'm not sure.