Saturday, February 7, 2009

BBC America/Journey's End Ramblings

So tonight BBC America is showing Dr. Who ep Journey's End and am really debating whether or not to see it. Really am quite afraid of the butchery type editing result to whittle it down to an hour. Could be scary seeing as though even in say Turn Left an important imho scene got the axe. Journey's End though is such an amazing conclusion to the season, my fangirl heart even cried here and there. Massively pleasing two part season finale though all an all, an orgy of goodness.^^

Shudder! Wonder when they'll get round to airing The Next Doctor as well, probably SciFi will show it as they start up the season before BBC America does. Loved that episode, it speaks to my love of steam punk aesthete (save goggles-no thanks!). Lots of lovely gears and coils.

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