Sunday, February 22, 2009


Watched Repo: The Genetic Opera yesterday through the magic of on-demand ppv. Wasn't as gory as I'd heard, which was surprising although there was one moment where I might of let loose a stream of vocal curse salad before regaining oh...over the top comedic gore mind set. I was entertained, would certainly rent it again not too sure about purchase wise. Sarah Brightman was lovely and of course I dug Anthony Stewart Head. Paris Hilton was in it, albeit a small role and she wasn't hideous I have to admit, her character was sort of like...well a even more cartoony version of herself.

Digging Dollhouse still, but it still feels Fox-paced and laced. Hopefully it will be picked up past the 8 episodes rumoured to be. Can't wait to learn more about Amy Acker's char!

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