Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ooh Depeche Mode Goodness

I live for Depeche Mode, bought the Itunes Pass yesterday and got two new downloads, I'm loving of course both tracks. 'Wrong' is really excellent! Hot DM goodness cheers me up, especially since my birthday came upon me. Also I bought this Sounds of the Universe Box Set. Wow, that is basically porn. Really. Plus there is a tour, and a Boston date! Was so sad when there wasn't a Boston one on the Touring the Angel run. I truly want to go. Hint!

Bird, we must go!

OK, so I've decided I actually really really enjoyed Repo in retrospect and now have been playing the soundtrack with quite a frequency. An amazing assortment of artists contributed to it, quite a fanstastic purchase. I think I do need to make the DVD purchase as well. Also music wise, since I seem to be on a tangent am enjoying The Projeckt 2008 Sampler, it's very relaxing and quite inexpensive on Itunes. Plus I always enjoy listening to Abney Park's 'Airship Pirates'.

Lancome Le Magnetique Bleu Enigma. Gah, why was this a Europe release only. Blue! Ayiii. Rage. Check out The Polish Addict's lovely swatches here. Insanely gorgeous, I've the Esmee one which is quite fetching but by no means is it foxy!

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