Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Revlon Nails Fashion Runway Collection Nails, reviewed

All right, here it is reviews of the nails, my sister declined pictures being taken.
Fie! But, here is what she had to say of them, she chose the same design as well though. They stood up well to dishes, cooking (including cookie making, which as you know is messy work at the best of times) and scrutiny from a friend who wears professionally done nails.

We both thought it was difficult to text, both having Blackberrys of the same model, I in fact chipped some of the silver 'chrome' off the stuff near the center ball with the nails. Massive misspellings and corrections lol. Being a gamer had to see how these did with my gaming macros, which are programmed buttons and how I could hit them (sometimes I have trouble hitting them my my natural nails get long) and with the crazy long middle finger length caused a bit of trouble, but nothing super bad, had to get used to typing with the longer nails, but was less of a nuisance then texting.

I haven't had false nails in years, so it was strange getting used to the feel, but the Revlon nails didn't have that super alien feel to them, they were quite comfortable. My sister said she only felt discomfort in her thumb and that was for just a day til she shaped it. Her removal was a good process, she said they just popped off for her and her natural nails only felt soft for a day before hardening back up. My removal was a tad bit harder, but my nails have always been a bit weaker.

What I would like to have seen more of though would have been more sizes for the pinky and a bit longer, my natural pinky was filed down super low and the false one barely covered it which was surprising considering how massive the middle nail was to all the others. When I made a gaffe with the pinky I was hard pressed to find another size for my pinky that I didn't have to MacGuyver with a file to fit. So more pinky and possibly index sizes please!

Basically, while long nails aren't generally my style I do love the way they look ,these Revlon styles are truly gorgeous and I enjoyed the fantasy of having perfect nails for a few days and would absolutely use the product again especially if there was a special event and I wanted to be especially decked out. Thank you very much Revlon for letting me try out your product.

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  1. Great review! I rather liked these once I got used to them. A few issues, but they do wear nicely. "MacGuyver" reference~ha-ha :)