Monday, July 20, 2009

Ulta Haul, Nerdy Haul...stuff.

I finally got to hit an Ulta today for the first time ever lol, there aren't any around where I live, but I went quite far off for a shopping adventure with my sister and a friend with my nephew and her little one and there was an Ulta on the lot so I made haste and hit that action so fast!

Errm, also something like these aren't like the others, I also made a haul of a different kind which I will also address wahey. ^.~

I bought a bunch of the Sula polishes, I'd seen them on All Lacquered Up, they are Paint and Peel polishes, like grown up Tinkerbell polishes! That is just sick, such a gimmick I can get behind, totally had to restrain myself, cute color range as well.
From left to right the Sula shades are Midnight, Moss, Azure and Sky.

I also picked up Ulta's own brand polish in Starstruck and a Piggy Polish in You're Blue-tiful, after seeing so many lovely Piggy Polish swatches on Kittyluv's Color'sblog seeing them in person I knew I had to pick one up, was hard to choose!

Oh, yes and also finally picked up UD's Primer Potion in Sin and am so excited about it especially in this weather where makeup goes to pot in the humidity in seconds.

Now to address the nerdy elephant in the room (picture?).

Since I was shopping with Mr Maxy I had to hit the toy aisle (sure, that's my working excuse in this paragraph) scoping out what's good getting him and his brother a surprise and oooh look Baroness, I can't resist, she is my fav. character in the GI Joe world growing up I was a GI Joe nerd and loved the evil evil (also dark haired!) vilaness! So anytime I see a cool Baroness figure. Plop. My nephews will give me them from time to time, it is very cute ^^

Also the mini Jetfire, it's like a having a mini robotic version of my father. For the lulz. And for the nerdery. There may or may not be a non pictured largish Ironhide.

Waiting for the Monthly version FFXI/A Moogle Kupo d'Etat update to finish up. Have done the download actually, which went fairly quickly surprisingly. Haven't bought the Moogle Kupo d'Etat expansion, to be honest haven't finished/gotten into ACP. With the reset maybe I can run into Bloodtear or Steelfleece my fav. NMs. I like rams. What can I say.

Geeky Screeny!


  1. Nice haul :) I could never wear the Sula's since I'm a habitual picker, they probably wouldn't last a day lol. I almost got UDPP Sin you'll have to let us know how it is alone in hot weather!

  2. Sweet haul! Lovely polishes, I like the look of the light blue on the right best. Mini Jetfire is coolest though!

  3. Nice haul! Like the piggy up picked out! I don't have that one, can't wait to see it swatched....Is it a duochrome? I love the Sula colors sooooo much but at $9 a piece I have to wait for a super sale or something. My daughters really like the idea tho!

  4. I like the Moss shade. Love that color for eye makeup also. Like the glittah of course. We all have something we're nerdy about. You just choose to write about it and take a picture. Brava!