Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Ivy League

Happy Fourth to those in the States ^^

I've a Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish today in Ivy League a green with a nice gold tint to it, and shocker it only took two coats with a top of Poshe. I really like this one, the display had a huge array of amazing colors it, but I resisted and only picked up Ivy League because of the huge purchase of the HD collection last month which I still haven't tried on all of (looking forwards to getting round to it though!).

Sorry that I didn't think to peel off the sticker, tacky >.< although the price was a fine sight better than what the HD polishes cost can tell ya.

Two coats, with poshe on top, nice dense pigmentation, nice even application too. Indoors. Lack of clean up pen. Errm *^^*;

Outdoors. Sunlight. Sunny day, finally!

Am a day behind or so reading blogs hope to catch up tomorrow after bbq fun. Hopefully tomorrow will also get around to seeing Transformers as well, the weather has been bad, so the theaters have been packed where I live that you can't get on the lots to see anything. I want to see me some Optimus!!!!one!!eleven!!


  1. Looks yummy enough to eat, I really like the gold shimmer to it too!

  2. I love how this glows in the sun! Good luck with the movies and Happy 4th!

  3. thats a g0rjuz green really pretty

  4. Love that green! I just bought 15 Extreme colors. I couldn't resist all those colors. I very rarely see that many at once. Hope you get into the theatre to see Transformers. Looks really good.

  5. That is such a unique and pretty shade of green ! I love its gold shimmer and I love the fact that it is bold but delicate at the same time :-)

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