Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sula Sky Polish

Let me see, I like the color. The application was fun, peeling it off was marginally fun, but certainly didn't work all the time, so removal with polish remover was also needed.

Says on the bottle for extended wear to use a top and base coat, I'd recommend that as well if you have softer nails, I do and it feels like my nails are naked and the feel the slightest bit weak with just this applied.

You can see the nicks in my index fingernails, the bubbly application and every ridge and imperfection ... can't hide with this formula.

Dries super fast, cute shades but it is certainly not worth the asking price of $9. by any leap. Had I no had blinders on from having had a rough few days and then being psyched at going to Ulta I'd probably of not gone as crazy! But do like the shades I chose and will wear and swatch with top coats.

Two coats indoors, no top coat.



  1. I do like the color. I saw these and I really wanted them, but the price was pretty high and after reading All Lacquered Up's review on them and how it ripped off pieces of the top layer of her nail when she pulled the polish off. I said NO WAY. She recommends to just remove with nail polish remover. They really do have some good colors though.
    (And if you return them after swatching, I won't tell anyone. I return stuff to Ulta all the time!)

  2. oh wow paint and peel how cute,the colour is pretty i love blue's but yeah $9 is very xpensive for a polish

  3. That color is pretty - I too have seen the displays at ULTA but I passed by them until I read some reviews. Of course the most famous being ALU's, and she was harsh, so I said forget it! LOL. I'm glad I did not give in to the marketing of really cute colors. You should definitely return them! ULTA is great about taking things back, I took back a $22 Urban Decay lipstick that broke at the base and they gave me a new one.

  4. I like the concept of peeling the polish to remove it, but after reading some review about sola, it seems like they need to get it better before it becomes a hit.

  5. Aww that sucks, the colour is really pretty. Though now that I come to think of it I can't even remember a peel off polish that did what it promised properly. I hope it's nicer with the top coat :)

  6. That is a pretty shade on you. I don't like the idea of peeling off your polish. I figures it might take up some of your on nail. No thanks.

  7. It totally did take off a layer of my pinky nail! Unfortunately I live nowhere near the Ulta, it was a treat to go there to make a return anytime soon. It was about an hour and a half's car ride away and with traffic can go much upwards of that.

    But at least the colors I chose were nice so, will wear with top coat and remove as I did the other nails in the normal manner. Still though. Not worth the asking price. Wish I'd seen reviews lol. XD Ahh well, lesson learnt.