Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Piggy Polish You're Blue-tiful

My first foray with Piggy Polish brand polish. This one is called You're Blue-tiful, it looks lavender, slightly blue with heavy greenish shimmer in the bottle. Not really seeing blue here lol. Once applied looks super minty green on, this is three layers with a top of Poshe, it was super sheer so I had to build up the color.

Would be really cute sheer on longer nails, but with them this short, I don't like the look of sheer on my own nails, on others yes but just on my hands, not so much.

Indoors, three coats topped with Poshe.

Outside, cloudy.


  1. i like this polish
    ive heard good things about piggy polishes

  2. I have never used Piggy Polishes either. I do like the color. It's too bad how sheer it is. I am not a fan of sheers either.

  3. Mint green? Thats crazy, still looks nice tho!

  4. Well, it definitely doesn't look mint green to me either! It's nice...not me, but nice. I don't have a single Piggy Polish yet myself!

  5. That's sooo pretty! It looks good on your nails. I haven't ever used Piggy polishes. Though I want to. I'll have to order some on line,as I can't find them where I live. Dang!

  6. Nessa, tried to build it as much as I could without making it a mess. Can't be doing with sheers. Love them on other people though.

    Kitty, Nicole, It is strange, not really showing up how green it is in real life, but honestly it is pastel shimmery mint green on my hands lol! The oddest thing.

    Thanks Velvet, yeah can't find them here either, that one trip out to Ulta was first place I'd ever seen them. ^^

  7. This looks like the inside of a seashell. Pretty but not for me either. I don't like sheers. Cute bottle but it doesn't show up minty.