Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Ocean View,Supercommuter,Stuff

Another Hard as Nails polish XD I keep getting this right,left and center it seems. Pow! XD What in the world, this is the last one of them though. Still need to get through the HD's.

This one is Ocean View, and the color is OMGWTFBBQ striking, but the formula, ahhh. Blech. That runs into a couple of problems, at least with this particular bottle for me.

Three thickish coats and it is still baldish, maybe a fourth would have helped but it was already so thick on the nail and from the pictures you can see where it pooled at the sides and cuticles as well as the brush stroke party and how even there you can see how unforgiving it was to show imperfections of my nails from the false ones. Check out the index nail. Ugh!

Also it chipped and off a couple of nails on the first day, and on day two had raging tip wear. But, I'm wondering how much of that goes down to humidity interfering with how the polish dries, Poshe can only do so much. So I'm going to try this again on a cooler and drier day, because it is really lovely and hoping maybe a lot of what goes on can be attributed to the weather and the state of my growing out nails.

You know me, I'm loathe to have a poor review of anything.

Three coats, top of Poshe. Indoors.

Outside, sunlight.

First off check out this Amazing Post at Hipster,Please!. So nice, I repped it twice. The Supercommuter album is finally ready! It can be purchased here as a pre-order, but via email you get access to the album early as a digital download in several formats to listen to while waiting for the physical copy.

Let me tell you, it is pure bliss. No one can flow like Wheelie! I really do not want to know how many times I have listened to Life is Grand it is just an amazing, amazing, amazing track. How is that for eloquent? Every element is spectacular, the music is just laid together so perfectly. I couldn't be more thrilled with this album. So worth the wait! Can not recommend it enough.

If you've been having missing the Optimus...

Tomorrow I'm going to see lolWWE with a bunch of family and friends, we have a whole row (nearly), it's at a tent show no less, been to it there a few time over the years and it's massively entertaining. Will need to empty my phone to take some pictures. Because you can on the sly with your phone if last year was any indication. Emptying my phone is a lot harder than it should be though, so that will be fun. My nephews are super psyched already. ^^


  1. First off, have fun tomorrow! Can't wait to see some pics. That's such a pretty shade, but I've never liked the formula on the XTreme Wear either :/

  2. Very pretty. I think the heat messes up polish. Have fun tommorrow!

  3. It's a pretty color, but I thought it was more cream than that, I guess I'd have to look more closely at the bottle. I have a pile of these myself, and having used both these and the SH Insta Dris, which HATE ME, I think this formula is a tad better for me. I think I've tried about 4 of the colors out on the XTreme Wears, and two of the Insta Dris. I haven't tried out my lone HD yet!

  4. I've seen this color in my Walgreens. But I haven't bought it yet. For fear of the tip wear. I'm not sure what to do. Thanks for posting it though. It's a gorgeous color too.

  5. I bought a load of these Extreme Wear polishes! That is really a pretty color on you. I figure I have so much polish it doesn't matter if it chips in 2 days. There's always another color to wear.