Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scherer Chameleon in Blue Sky

I saw these Scherer Chameleon polishes in Rite Aid yesterday and picked up one in Blue Sky, the only one that really stood out to me. Was really a pretty duochrome in the bottle. Was also able to pick up two cute Jesse's Girl brand polishes, very excited to have been able to snatch those up, seeing amazing swatches Kitty's blog. Most were sold out. lol

The formula on this, was going to say for the picture to mind my pinky nail which had a nick on it for my being clumsy hitting it before the pictures, but during the editing of the pictures just general doing things it sloughed off in chunks. Two coats with Poshe and apparently isn't super resilient a polish. Six chipped nails and have been wearing it under 15 hours. *shrug* Application was sort of thick as well. Which is a shame because the color is such a lovely duochrome. Shifts between a lavender and blue metallic. Really dislike poor reviews, but this one just seems to be be very chip prone. Dried very quickly on its own though.

Two coats, top of Poshe, indoors.

Outdoors, sunlight.

Going today to a family party, my little niece's first birthday party to be exact how exciting! Can not wait, such a sweetheart, should be all kinds of fun. Wicked fun to see her on any occasion never mind all super star party style!


  1. That's a really pretty shade, but yes, I've had wear problems with this brand also. Which is too bad because I do like some of their shades :/ have fun at the party!

  2. this is really pretty - this brand has some beautiful shades, but everyone says the 'survival rate' is not very good.

  3. Oooh this is a beautiful duochrome! A shame though,that it didn't last long before the chips. Have a fun time at the niece's b-day party!

  4. It's a really neat color, but I already see the wrinkling on your nails! I have this one too, haven't tried it out yet, for some reason I thought I might be disappointed in it.
    I saw Kitty's posts on Jesse's Girl polishes too, I've been thinking about snatching up a few of them myself!

  5. This is such a beautiful color, so it's a shame to hear that its formula is not so-so

  6. I've never seen this brand before. I won't be looking for it either! It's a shame though. Really a pretty color. Love duochromes. Happy Birthday to your neice. Have a wonderful time.