Monday, August 3, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Lite, House Show Pics

Oh, horrible nail breakage last night broke one nail on hitting it against one of the plastic chairs and one I well,, well I may have. Might have. Could have done. Might have done. Ok. I bit my nail. And my purse. >.<.

LOL so wrong. Jessica Fail!

Well, at least that with all of my nails filed down yet again that probably rounds out the last of the big damage from the false nails.

This color really really does not suit me at all. It looks fantastic in the bottle, and applies extremely well, in fact it is only two coats with a top of Poshe, it did need the Poshe for shine, as on it's own it wasn't as shiny as it appeared in the bottle.

But this yellow on my pale and pink pallor. Not a good mix I reckon.

Indoors, two coats, Poshe top.

Outdoors, hazy.

Ok the wrestling! A lovely evening, we all went to dinner beforehand which was extremely yummy I had a grilled cheese with chutney and apples in it. Ridiculous! One of my fav. things ever.

Apparently you could bring proper cameras, which I didn't know, they used to be down on that at this particular venue, and I'm disappointed because I could have taken some really great shots! Especially of Maxy getting to shake ECW Heavyweight Champion Christian's hand! But unfortunately only crap shots with my BlackBerry.



Which leads to the nail breakage. LOL.

I can't even post my Burchill pics, cause I shook too much from nerves and it was shakezilla, maybe my sister or Stacey got better ones of him hur hur hur. But I do have some pics to share! Oh should have prefaced with teh Burchillz is my fav. wrestler. ^^ In fact many of my fav's were there including William Regal,CM Punk the aforementioned Paul Burchill and Drew McIntyre.

Here is Maxy and Masen in front of the ring, it was before the show so the tent was lit all in red for some bizarre reason. Tried to lighten it up and correct it as best I could.

CM Punk.

CM Punk and Kane, who is just massive in real life as opposed to just seeing him on television, he's 7'2 and looks every inch of it.

Drew McIntrye. Foxy, unfortunately he stopped the gimmick where he comes out in a kilt. I really really enjoyed that. Much more than I should. Lovely Scottish gent, talked on and on, got beat down by Ricky Steamboat. XD

William Regal! He got on the mic a lot as well during the match, people were on him a lot riding him for being English, he pointed out to the crowd that they were bloody stupid, too right as his opponent was Canadian, so their USA chants were moot. LOL. Christian got on the mic too and got a laugh out of it too.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, did the best I could with the phone. Blast not knowing cameras were allowed now at the venue! All my gents lost, save CM Punk! Mine are all baddies though, but was glad Christian won his match. Was so much fun. Small tent shows like these are the only way to fly, once a year, every one has such a good time, suspension of belief. Seeing all the kids have such a good time. It's just brilliant fun. BurchillBurchillBurchillBurchill. XD Ok, now I'll stop and behave and be back to polish and normalcy and not fancying silliness.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time! Sorry to hear about your nails! Love that yellow.

  2. Thanks for sharing,sounds like a good time was had by all. Sorry about the nail too. Pretty yellow. I wasn't sure about this color. With how it would look on my skin too. So I passed on it.

  3. I agree that yellow is not so great as a base colour, maybe it would cute as nail art embellishment? Haha WWE looked awesome! I almost bought tickets for me and my bf to fly down and see it. Glad you had an awesome time!

  4. I love these HD colours,it looks very pretty but i find yellows the hardest polishe to work with.0O0O looks like u had a great time my little sister is 6 is opsessed with wrestling her and my mum both with John Cena lol i know why my mum likes him lol hehhe

  5. Yellow is tricky! Looks like you had a great weekend though :)

  6. kitty, Velvet, the yellow is such a hot color, shame it clashes against my skintone, smacking my thumbnail against that chair---ow! lol.

    Violet, oh you and your bf should totally go, I highly recommend it lol, so much fu lol.

    Skye lol! I bet I know why your mum likes him, my mum did as well!

    Kae I agree yellow can be a bear! I did indeed though, it was a blast!

  7. I love the yellow polish but it doesn't look good with your complexion. Mine either and I was really annoyed by that. Sorry about your nails. Hope you don't bite them anymore! Glad you had such a good time. I went to wrestling a few times many years ago. I loved it then, now not so much. It is nice when they come to the small venues.