Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ooh Depeche Mode Goodness

I live for Depeche Mode, bought the Itunes Pass yesterday and got two new downloads, I'm loving of course both tracks. 'Wrong' is really excellent! Hot DM goodness cheers me up, especially since my birthday came upon me. Also I bought this Sounds of the Universe Box Set. Wow, that is basically porn. Really. Plus there is a tour, and a Boston date! Was so sad when there wasn't a Boston one on the Touring the Angel run. I truly want to go. Hint!

Bird, we must go!

OK, so I've decided I actually really really enjoyed Repo in retrospect and now have been playing the soundtrack with quite a frequency. An amazing assortment of artists contributed to it, quite a fanstastic purchase. I think I do need to make the DVD purchase as well. Also music wise, since I seem to be on a tangent am enjoying The Projeckt 2008 Sampler, it's very relaxing and quite inexpensive on Itunes. Plus I always enjoy listening to Abney Park's 'Airship Pirates'.

Lancome Le Magnetique Bleu Enigma. Gah, why was this a Europe release only. Blue! Ayiii. Rage. Check out The Polish Addict's lovely swatches here. Insanely gorgeous, I've the Esmee one which is quite fetching but by no means is it foxy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Watched Repo: The Genetic Opera yesterday through the magic of on-demand ppv. Wasn't as gory as I'd heard, which was surprising although there was one moment where I might of let loose a stream of vocal curse salad before regaining oh...over the top comedic gore mind set. I was entertained, would certainly rent it again not too sure about purchase wise. Sarah Brightman was lovely and of course I dug Anthony Stewart Head. Paris Hilton was in it, albeit a small role and she wasn't hideous I have to admit, her character was sort of like...well a even more cartoony version of herself.

Digging Dollhouse still, but it still feels Fox-paced and laced. Hopefully it will be picked up past the 8 episodes rumoured to be. Can't wait to learn more about Amy Acker's char!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Dollhouse tonight! Joss Whedon. Eliza Dushku. Exploshy good fun! Can not wait! Exclamation point!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

BBC America/Journey's End Ramblings

So tonight BBC America is showing Dr. Who ep Journey's End and am really debating whether or not to see it. Really am quite afraid of the butchery type editing result to whittle it down to an hour. Could be scary seeing as though even in say Turn Left an important imho scene got the axe. Journey's End though is such an amazing conclusion to the season, my fangirl heart even cried here and there. Massively pleasing two part season finale though all an all, an orgy of goodness.^^

Shudder! Wonder when they'll get round to airing The Next Doctor as well, probably SciFi will show it as they start up the season before BBC America does. Loved that episode, it speaks to my love of steam punk aesthete (save goggles-no thanks!). Lots of lovely gears and coils.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trust the Gorton's Fisherman.

The new Gorton's Fisherman. Is it me or does he look like an escapee of a Grecian Formula advert? Also that beard looks like glued on monster fur you buy at AC Moore. Plus the creepy attempt to be captain thanks. Sad the commercial made that sort of impression. XD

I have the theme from Cleopatra 2525 stuck in my head, passed it when browsing through Hulu for shows to watch...Gina Torres aside I can't bring myself to watch it, besides it isn't fun if it isn't backed by Jack of All Trades lol. Insomnia sunday in the middle of the night made these shows and probably Xena if I recall a good time at like two and three a.m. respectively. I think that Jack of All Trades is on Hulu as well but haven't given it a look. Just recently I think added Angel which is great cause who can find the dvds heheh.

Talking of been rocking my Buffy dvds right and left because of how much fun I've been having browsing the Buffy Wiki lately. More hot Whedon-y stuff on the horizon and with Eliza Dushku at that! Faith of course being my fav. Slayer. <3 <3 <3 Just can't wait for Dollhouse!

I miss the linear buffy pb ; ; those were such good times.