Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nail Polish, Gem Eyelets,Mum

Now I'm nutty foo foo for nail polish. In the late nineties I had a tripod site dedicated to it, hmm wonder if bones of that site are floating around. I love polish, back then I was all about Urban Decay, Hard Candy and well everything from Chanel to Wet and Wild. Have been looking around and see so many amazing nail polish blogs with author's posting amazing swatches, it's fantastic! All these ladies rock bells.

My three very favorites are Scrangie's and Vampy Varnish as well as All Lacquered Up.

Urban Decay, oh how I wish they were still all about the 'Pink makes me Puke' campaign with the apothecary polish bottles and slick colors. Will have to scan in all the old ads and catalogues in and post them. They no longer produce nail polish at all. But oh nail polish wishes, what UD stuff I'd love to see as for these I'm constantly looking for dupes!

1: Frostbite, this was blackened navy and while I've found many a gorgeous dupe from high end to bargain bin just nothing that stood out like that. But admittedly I think I might be remembering it to be better than it was, as I just have nearly empty dried out bottles for comparison.

2: Oilslick, Opi's My Private Jet and For Sephora Never Enough Shoes kinda is like it but more holo (which I enjoy mind) instead of tinier grain glitter.

3: Asphalt, cor this was fantastic it was all about the texture and color that lends it's name. A lovely flat color, not matte completely but a dull shine to go with that texture, it was a bitch to remove but the look was so worth it. Couldn't shift it if you wanted to, lol.

Also I miss Gash polish, loved the lippy and polish went through many of those ^^

Right now I'm really digging Knockout Cosmetics polish. Received these from my sister for my birthday in the pink and black shades. These go on matte and are super flattering. Plus you can also buff them to get a shiny appearance. Reminds me of the old Tony and Tina matte/satin top coat. But dag, it is my current favorite the black is just perfect a nice proper matte black not leaning towards grey.

Hmm...I see IS is making not knock-offs persae, but gem eyelets of their own. Check them out Here. The water opal gem looks really pretty, but I love me some Anatometal Blings and of course BAF. So I'm of mixed feelings about them because I have quite a few of the Anatometal ones and everyone there is super friendly so there's loyalty there. Be interested to see people post in-ear pics. But I can talk up Anatometal's blings for days-the shine on these are mirror like in both the titanium (anodized shades too) and stainless. Haven't worn anything but blings for four years. Also, I don't like the fact that they are so underpriced in titanium, it seems wrong somehow but I guess business is business. They both use Signity Gems, but to me even the pictures show how much foxier Anatometal's Gemmed Eyelets are. Again though that Water Opal pair by IS is giving me the side eye...must resist!

Today is my mum's birthday, I miss her so very much. Sometimes I selfishly wish she was still here...But I know how unfair that is because of the amount of pain and indignities she had to suffer with her illness. It seems like she's been gone both forever and like she just passed. Never go a day without thinking about how much I love her, but I am comforted to know she's not in pain.


  1. guess what??? Urban Decay is coming out with nail polishes for Holiday 2009.

  2. ayiii! really? that is amazing news, thanks so much!

  3. I know that this message is old, but I wanted to let you know I just lost my mother, too. I understand just how you feel; I've thought about how many times I could hurt in her place, and I realized that's exactly what happened. She stopped her pain, and I took it over, albeit in a different way. . . .