Friday, September 18, 2009

Urban Decay Mini Set and Grunge Polish Review

My Apocalyptic Nail Kit arrived, the set of mini's from Urban Decay. All new polishes save one revamp which is Big Bang, which I have around here somewhere, in this room in fact, should dig it out lol. It is a set of seven polishes and they are errm, even mini-er than I expected they come in at 5mls.

Super cute bottles, great purple metallic pleather carrying case. Amazing shades. So well worth the purchase. Especially based on the two polishes I've tried thus far. Today I have a review of Grunge. But here's a pic of the set. Click to expand.

I must remark upon the formula, fully wowed, two thin coats, but fully pigmented and quick to dry only put a top of Poshe on again because I do with just about everything that isn't a matte or satin top.

The color is another hard to photograph one, but it is also hard to describe, it is not unlike original UD Shade Pigeon, if you were to franken it with a lot of grey or gunmetal, so it is like a gunmetal green, it shows a great blue sheen, but there is a great green luster to it more than the blue the camera picks up.

Two coats, top of Poshe, indoors.

Outside, sunlight.

Was so excited about these, I love my UD polishes. Heheh, check tags to see my old UD archive! I'm sorry for the state of my actual nails, I just broke a couple yesterday and am in the process of reshaping them, and as you can see my pinky took the fall and polish casualty!

But honestly, I'm in love with the formula on the polishes I have tried, so far have tried a metallic in Grunge and a creme in FBomb, which will post tomorrow. If there were full bottles to be had, I'd be buying FBomb in a heartbeat.


  1. How cute! I don't have these little guys and I love how they come in such a cute bag. Poor pinky finger....I hope it grows out soon and fast!

  2. I so want these! I hope by the time I have money these are still around! Can't wait to see the rest!

  3. I like these Urban Decay polishes. I must order these. Looks pretty on you.