Sunday, September 27, 2009

Urban Decay Apocalypse Polish; New FFXIV Trailer

Another beauty from the UD Apocalyptic Collection, this one is the Apocalypse polish itself. Which is for the lovely vampy shade, surprisingly and beautifully another two coat wonder. I'm loving these two coaters from this collection.

This is a very vamp like burgandy brown, it can appear black but it is definitely more towards brown and the currant berry base color is quite apparent. Quite a striking shade that is hard to describe, but looks amazing on. Two coats and the usual habitual Poshe top.

Indoors, two coats, Poshe top.

Outdoors, overcast.

A new trailer for FFXIV has been released, also on the Offical Site sign up for the beta has been introduced. Exciting. But never mind...checky new trailer. This was released at the TGS!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Urban Decay FBomb Polish

Blargh am sick! >.< Not fun. Hope everyone had a good Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday. Wahey. But of course for me, it is always talk like a pirate day, and I don't just mean my sailor mouth which I dutifully keep clean and ladylike in my type! lol

Ahh, must profess my love of Urban Decay's FBomb polish, been wearing it for two days and I haven't even had a bit of tip wear and from a nice creme-y red like this, is something to boast about for me. Usually I'm prone to nicking early, but so far this has been a dream.

Such a gorgeous pin up red, classic but it isn't a drastic red, it is a touch muted so it isn't so in your face and blood red. Two coats with a top of Poshe to seal. Sorry about the pictures, this set and the last haven't been all that great, I suppose because I haven't felt well I just have taken them and didn't check them as well I normally would have and they've suffered. Clean up also looks bad here too. So sorry.



Nerdery time.

Uhhhh! You can finally Get Nintendo DSi's in Pink! OMG. Do want. Really badly. When I was in Niagara all four of the boys had their DSi's with them (and I couldn't find my DS, it went missing!) but they did all let me have a go on theirs at various times. Awww! The only bugger about that is, I want to nab myself a PS3 finally after waffling and playing D's. What to do. What to do. Both are a chunk of change so it is really a tough choice.

Also Aion! Looks great. But...does it just look foxy and have that WoWness to it? I want to try it, but I've also joined an EGLS and don't know how beholden I am to that play wise. Finally got round to A Moogle Kupo D'Etat yesterday, and hopefully will finish it tonight or tomorrow on FFXI. Still haven't bothered with ACP waiting on a friend to start that (well have started first two bits), would rather of done that for the body piece than Kupo D'Etat's head piece. But oh well.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Urban Decay Mini Set and Grunge Polish Review

My Apocalyptic Nail Kit arrived, the set of mini's from Urban Decay. All new polishes save one revamp which is Big Bang, which I have around here somewhere, in this room in fact, should dig it out lol. It is a set of seven polishes and they are errm, even mini-er than I expected they come in at 5mls.

Super cute bottles, great purple metallic pleather carrying case. Amazing shades. So well worth the purchase. Especially based on the two polishes I've tried thus far. Today I have a review of Grunge. But here's a pic of the set. Click to expand.

I must remark upon the formula, fully wowed, two thin coats, but fully pigmented and quick to dry only put a top of Poshe on again because I do with just about everything that isn't a matte or satin top.

The color is another hard to photograph one, but it is also hard to describe, it is not unlike original UD Shade Pigeon, if you were to franken it with a lot of grey or gunmetal, so it is like a gunmetal green, it shows a great blue sheen, but there is a great green luster to it more than the blue the camera picks up.

Two coats, top of Poshe, indoors.

Outside, sunlight.

Was so excited about these, I love my UD polishes. Heheh, check tags to see my old UD archive! I'm sorry for the state of my actual nails, I just broke a couple yesterday and am in the process of reshaping them, and as you can see my pinky took the fall and polish casualty!

But honestly, I'm in love with the formula on the polishes I have tried, so far have tried a metallic in Grunge and a creme in FBomb, which will post tomorrow. If there were full bottles to be had, I'd be buying FBomb in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opi Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Polish

This was another really hard to capture on film polish, it is an almost blackened shade but it is amazing looking in the sun or the even in the just the right light even, but so hard to how the green comes across accurately.

The polish is Opi's Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, I used three coats, the first two look muddy, but by the the third it is absolutely perfect and I popped on Poshe on top just as habit really. Great formula. Wish the pictures show just how green this looks outside, but indoors this can look just shy of black.

Indoors,three coats, top of Poshe.

Outdoors, sunlight.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shades By Barielle Blackened Bleu

Here's Shades by Barielle in Blackened Bleu one of the gorgeous All Lacquered Up Collection colors, it is really gorgeous, super blackenend navy blue with these amazing blue flecks.

I wish it photographed half as well as it looked in real life. Sometimes, well especially with my camera it is hard to get these darker shades to get an accurate shade portrayal without coming across as just dark. But this one is amazingly vibrant.

Indoors, three coats, top of Poshe.

Outdoors, cloudy.

Oh am so excited that Urban Decay is making polishes again, I picked up the new mini set available on the site straight away, and it is making their to me right now lol! Very cute little collection. Hopefully they will also resurrect some other old shades as well like Oilslick or Gangrene, that'd be fantastic!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Niagara trip and yes I bought polish!

I have so much catching up with blogs to do, it is overwhelming but it will fun to breeze through and see what every one has been up to. Left for a trip to Niagara Falls/Clifton Hills Ont last wends. Which was brilliant, I haven't seen the Falls for years and years.

Woo, I was there invading Timmies like crazy, rocking the maple dip and lamenting that a large Ice Coffee is the size of a medium at Dunkin Donuts, but Timmies reigns supreme in taste and in that special place in my heart lol. Also I ate enough poutine to fell a lesser person, god love Swiss Chalet and their special gravy. <3

I have picture spam, but actually have decided to keep it light to just four pictures which you can click on to expand. Took some great ones with my BlackBerry which I need to upload as well. These pictures were taken by my nephew Max and they are extremely lovely, couldn't say no when he asked to helm the camera!

Was awesome from start to stop, Transformers 2 RoTF was on PPV. Ch-Ching. Unintentionally lulzworthy CBC programming...(The upcoming skating with the stars esque show featuring Stephan Richer!) gorgeous weather and just being back in Canada was a dream come true. Plus the heaven on earth known as Shopper's Drug Mart.

Any ways, here are some pictures of the majestic falls. Honestly riding on the Maid of the Mist boats and being surrounded by The Falls on either sides is the most beautiful and amazing thing you can ever see or do, really. I highly suggest it.

Oh...thing that is new to me, the vending machine in the hotel didn't accept bills,but credit cards, and only let you purchase one soda at a time and when I'm trouping out there with a child army to watch Transformers lol we were there for an age XD.

A view from one of the walking cutaways near the roadway, you can see one of the Maid of the Mist boats.

I believe this particular falls is called The Bridal Veil falls.

Here's a view of another Maid of the Mist boat, see the blue poncho's they are wearing to protect you from the spray? You get drenched obviously. But lol, it was so bloody hot that day, I felt like a turkey in one of those cooking bags at Thanksgiving. Which makes me even more appreciative to eat Tofurkeys lol. XD
Mind you UDPP in Sin, my makeup didn't shift in all that. heheheh.

This is Skylon Tower. We went up that. Horrors. Scared of heights and glass elevator. Not a great combination. But, managed it, didn't want to wuss out and be a baby, nine of us there after all wasn't going to be silly and be precious. You know what? It was not that bad! Was quite pretty, if it was steps I think it might have been more difficult on the scary department, but no, the views were in fact breathtaking and not at all terrifying. Besides I've been up the CN Tower so this isn't a touch on that.

Ok, you have been more than patient, here is the lone polish I picked up, it is from Gosh and is named Peachy, super cute I think.