Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nail's Inc, Magnetic Star Polish in The Strand, L'Oreal The Temptress' Touch

I love magnetic nail polish, ever since my beloved Lancome star polish, very rarely worn, but super loved. That formula very rarely worked but when it did, such a treat between the color and the star magnet. Perfection!

So many companies have been putting out magnetic polishes with a host of colors and and magnet types and have enjoyed a lot of them, was very excited to see Nails Inc have a star magnet. Mind you I just saw in RiteAid today, Revlon has out a line of all Star magnet polishes, but the colors were drab, so I put one back regrettably. I was on the fence but, I have several star magnets from cheap dollar store polishes up to Lancome's magnet and of course the Nail's Inc polish which I am going to get into. I will say the purple was quite tempting on Revlon's end and it was buy one ($9.99 get the next %50 off but for the heck of it I wasn't there to spend money for money's sake especially nearing the end of the month! But head's up should you be inclined)

There are three in the Nail's Inc Star Magnet line, I chose the blue called The Strand, as you can see because of the flake's to draw up the magnet it looks dramatically lighter in the bottle.

Of the Nail's Inc magnetic line, I think this is their strongest magnet. I don't know if that is on the strength of the polish or the quality of the magnet itself. It certainly looked like it heavier with filings in the bottle based on coloration. The fishnet worked a treat for me as well, am always surprised to see bad ratings for it. Was clear as a bell for me and gets compliments across the board. Also super keen on the navy color. I topped this off with Nail's Inc caviar top coat. My go to for speed these days. I bought both at Sephora.

Yes, caved again, here is yet another L'Oreal Project Runway shade, this is called The Temptress' Touch and I am looking unbelievably forwards to trying this on!

It is a bile electric green. From looking at it up close, it appears to have a slight shimmer, will be interested to see how that equates to the nail or if that is just how it is coating the bottle. I bought this at RiteAid.