Friday, September 21, 2012

Updates! The New Black Ombre, Unicorn Madness. L'Oreal.

Behind again. That's me. Just getting going and behind on my own schedule. At least the schedule I'd hope to keep with posting daily. Let's get my unicorn silliness out of the way then onto the polishes!

Shading isn't done, but four hours of sternum work, arf! Mind the shine from the ointment, next level creepy with shine. :) One more unicorn to catch up. Bear with me lol.

Pulled from my IG stream. This is my Peperino, from the Tokidoki Unicorno line of toys. So cute.

Polish time! I did end up buying another polish from the L'Oreal Project Runway line, this one is called The Queen's Ambition.

I am hoping this will keep me from being remotely tempted (doubt it!)from buying Illamasqua's new polish Creator as it is almost a third of the price. The Queen's Ambition, I tried it on, will swatch it properly, and do better in future a basic black polish with fine silver glitter. Perfect for Halloween when you usually see this sort of thing, but with me a favorite all year round. This dries fairly quickly, but looks quite flat, the glitter has a nice sheen but if you want the polish to jump out at you, definitely a top coat or two would not be remiss. I bought this at RiteAid. Super cute.

Without going into too much detail, this summer I've undergone two surgeries, and spent my summer in bed, so picking a polish and staying with it was a big choice since I had to be immobile with my arms a lot of the time. So when I did change my polish I would wear one of these fantastic Ombre packs from The New Black.

Absolutely adore these. They look great as a pedicure as well. Here is a close up of the collection of pinks called Floyd.

I bought these via, Urban Outfitters, and