Monday, September 17, 2012

Shadows, duo chromes. & best case ever.

I'd meant to show a couple of duochrome shadows in my last post, but got carried away with something else. I love shadows with a nice shift to them, the more dramatic the better, especially greens and teal iridescence. So when I saw the Kat von D shade shifter shadows at Sephora I knew I had to give them a go. I bought the brown with green shift called On the Road, and the cornflower blue with baby blue shift called Stockholm.

I go on at length reviewing them at Sephora's site under the moniker piratefly. I love their performance, but what I truly wanted to get into was the shade, how close is it to Too Faced Label Whore (now known as Petals to the Metal), enough to recommend to someone to warrant buying it, should you have the Too Faced shadow or Urban Decay's Lounge.

This was a bear to swatch, for many reasons, not only the lighting but the placement, as you can see my hands and arms are a no go for swatching so it made things difficult at onset. But with these lighting conditions show just how slight the difference is, but what difference there was, I think is your preference for color. The Label Whore/Petals to the Metal had more of a teal/bluish cast to the green shift whereas the On the Road has a stand out green. Both bases are a rusty brick brown, when you apply the On the Road wet, as recommended on the package that red color really comes up in the base.

The packaging.

LW/PttM on left, OTR on right to show brick base and sheen.

A better view between a more teal to green caste between the nearly identical base shadow.

Darker lighting will show a better difference between the two, showing teal and a more burgundy versus brick whereas dead on they look samey.

Macro of the pair.

Basically if you've one, I don't think you necessarily need the other, they are both gorgeous and perform well, but both are better with a primer than not.

Disclosure as I haven't renovated yet, I bought the KvD shadows at Sephora and the Too Faced was a Gift from my sister. As a lol, because this look, was just all kinds of no. Here is me wearing the Stockholm, I feel like a 50s Barbie in all the wrong ways. But I matched my clear Imperial Shadow Trooper's helmet so that was a plus. Can clearly see the shift between the more cornflower base blue and the lighter blue.

Now onto the best case I have ever purchased for my iPhone. I bought this at Gypsy Warriorbut have since seen the maker's site where there are all kinds of gorgeous creations. Amazing, all sorts of spike color and case options. Bought the blue spiked Ice Ex-Girlfriend for winter. Hey that paypal balance is good for something via Matthew Millions.

This case is called the 'Merica Ex-Girlfriend, had a better picture on my Instagram (ie cropped)but you get the point. It's foxy as all get out!