Thursday, June 4, 2009

Butter London Chimney Sweep

Here's another of my Butter polishes, this time it is a super shiny grey called Chimney Sweep, it is very nearly black but falls short of it and it is shiny once its on, but I do have a top coat of Poshe on, so I must add that disclaimer. There are three coats of Chimbley on ^^. The outdoor picture you can really see the shine. Sorry not the best of clean up here. The formula on this one was great, I could have gotten away with just the two coats.

Indoor lighting.

Outdoors, overcast.

Have some lovely Illamasqua" polishes on their way to me that I am very excited about. ^^ Like a lot of people Phallic was one of my purchases. So gorgeous. Check out this post @ Bring on the Bling showing just how beautiful it is.

Close on the nerdery again. @E3 they released the trailer for FFXIV, the New MMORPG coming next year and look hi rez choco! How cute. Looks hefty on the same looking hume guy. ZOMG. But still. Have enough to get through in XI, but can't say I'm not curious about XIV Oh, yes trailer. Where's the taru?!!! Embedded below.

Oh the Official XIV site is up with screenies & trailer @


  1. These Butters your sharing are all so pretty! I like that one, too! Looks a bit darker on the nail than in the bottle, but it's beautiful either way :) I always enjoy reading your 'nerdery' as you call it! A friend of mine is big into these games (I'm blanking on the one he's into right now!) and moderates some forums on Warrior Nation. Although I am too old to understand it all :) But I still like reading about it!

  2. That's a fantastic black! :D

  3. Ahhh, that looks so pretty ... and I'm talking about the trailer, although the polish is nice too LOL ^^

  4. I've never used Butter London. I like this shade. Love it and it's nice and shiny.

  5. I love how you've been showing us Butter London. I have wanted to order some of their polishes. But of course it's hard to decide. When looking at a small box of color. At their website. The few that you've shown. Has helped me out, a great deal. Can't wait to see what Illamasqua's you've ordered! Thanks for the shout out too!

  6. I really wanted this one too! You have excellent taste!!!! Oh and I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see those Illamasqua's!

  7. wow that looks much lighter in the bottle. Very cool color though! I don't have any of this brand of nail polish, but I love their name. I am a huge fan of BUTTER :)

  8. This polish is cool ! and what a diference between the color in the bottle and the color on your nails.

  9. Hey there, new follower! I love how you combine nerdery (i prefer calling it geekery, really, but anyway) and nail polish in this blog - two of my favorite things!

    FFXIV looks amazing, and that is one HUGE logo. Is it just me or do their logos get bigger and bigger each time a new game comes out?

  10. These Butter polish's are all really cool. Strange how some need soooo many coats and some just need 2.

    I am also a fan of your 'nerd-ery' or 'nerd-lee-ness'.

  11. I have two more Butters to share I think ^^ I can think of a few people that play in their late sixties and one in his seventies! My mum played when she was in her early seventies too lol rest her ; ;

    Collette, some of that wasn't all CSes or pre rendered like the galka boat fight scene, pretty!

    I definitely recommend them Lucy, some of their stuff is so shiny. More hits than misses!

    It is hard Velvet especially with that layout while cute it doesn't really show it well, you are welcome bout the Shout Out. <3 ya!

    Thanks kitty!

    It is a big difference Tuli, it is super dark on the nail.

    Angie, hi there! I love the word geekery, that works for me! The logo, definitely bigger XD lol

    Deez, the Butters are strangely inconsistent coat wise for bottle color. Glad you like the dirty nerdy! ^^