Friday, June 26, 2009

Zoya Dovima Polish

Back from the tattoo shop ^^ Fresh new anchor and stars, very lovely, ow and all. But, let's get on to the Dovima review, and I must say it isn't the best. Pictures first.

Two coats, indoor lighting.

Outside, barely a bit of sun shining through.

The formula on this was so thick, and wasn't really a quick dry like most of the matte polishes on some fingers it did dry quickly on some it smeared right off and application was horrid, it rolled right off the edges thickly on some nails. Plus the wear was bad, already I'm chipping badly and it has only been a few hours time.

Will have to do a comparison for color next to ManGlaze's The Death Tar and Knock Out Cosmetic's Flatte, already I can tell you it looks closer to The Death Tar and really ladies, I say spend your money on ManGlaze's The Death Tar and skip Dovima. Plus the clean up was ghastly, usually you can slough the matte stuff off your skin fairly easily, this was sticky as all get out. I hate to give a bad review, really I do but this just wasn't up to snuff.

Posh was lovely, and am looking forwards to swatching Loredana, am hoping that this one was just a dud.


  1. i know what you mean, i haven't tried this one but it looks awful. just a poor man's man glaze *giggle*. let's see pics of the tat!

  2. Thanks for your honest review. A disappointment, but good to know. But it looks nice, if that counts :)

  3. I hope mine isn't that bad. This reaaly looks good though. I'd love to see pics of all your tats.

  4. I was going to say it looked like the one from Manglaze.. :] but ah the chipping? D:

  5. Where'd you get the ink? (as in where on body, not as in location of shop). I got my 5th a few weeks ago on my wrist/arm.

  6. kelliegonzo, heheh will do when it is healed ^^

    Mary will have to post side by side comparison, I really do hate posting poor reviews, makes me feel so bad to slag a product. I'm just hoping it was a poor batch. ^^

    Lucy, will have to get some pictures of them up :)

    Crissy it does look really comparable to the ManGlaze. Must get the side by side up.

    Nosaby, oh that's awesome, this one is on my outer forearm ^^

  7. 0o0oo0 new tatt0o0o i wanna see i wanna see! hehhehehe

  8. That sucks! I hope that I don't have a hard time with it too!