Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Cyber

Have a back to back post today, I didn't put it all together in case it made it too picture heavy. Here's my third going out with a Sally Hansen HD and still enamored. Yet another glow and pigment heavy polish. Also another three coater, with that weird build up at the bottom which I'm thinking is just that it doesn't play nice with Poshe. Will try the next HD with a different top coat and see if that makes a difference.

This is Cyber which is a gorgeous purple which has these amazing pinkish and bluish hues to it.



My Illamasqua polishes came and wow am I floored at them. Just blown away at the packaging alone, the shades are just...well you'll see ~.^


  1. Nice purple! I still haven't tried any of my Sally! Illamasqua is amazing!!

  2. Love it! It's got the 'glow' thing going on and looks great on you.

  3. OMG I love this one!!!!! I have to get it!

  4. I think this is my favorite of the ones you've shown us. Very pretty.

  5. Oh Velvet you have to, these HDs are really something else!

    Thanks Mary!

    Kitty, you totally have to! /enable!!

    This one is really amazing Olivia, wish I could capture the pinkish hues it had as well.