Monday, June 8, 2009

Zoya Dita Polish, Sally Hansen HD Polishes!

Finally gave Zoya's Dita a go and I love it, quite a bright fuschia pink, not quite retina burning but still very vibrant, not a sedate pink that is for sure!

Indoor lighting. Two coats, Poshe top. Not the best clean up, the Poshe is near to the bottom and is gobbing up and the bottom of my nails it seems at close inspection.

Outdoors, overcast. Truer to color than the indoor lighting.

Finally at CVS they've stocked the Sally Hansen HD polishes, and I was the first at them lol, got the entire row of the display. The checkout girl thought I was crazy, she said she'd never seen anyone buy so much polish before. Came off my no buy with a vengeance, am now on one again having bought so much now. Hopefully by the end of next week will have contest stuff at the ready (Have some fun stuff!). Need to work out other details but will sort that out as well. Click on the small picture to enlarge.

from left to right.

Hi-Res, Digital, Three D, Lite, BLU, Pixel Pretty, Hi-Def and Cyber.

Looking forwards to trying these so much, seen some amazing swatches floating around.


  1. Very pretty color on you. I haven't tried mine yet. I have all the HD collection. I put on the blue last night. I used 3 coats and still had some bald spots. I love the color though. It sort of glows and I am annoyed by doing 3 coats. I've worn some of the others and they went on fine. They are all so pretty.

  2. Your Zoya is very pretty, bright, but I like that. I have 3 of the SH HD's and really like them. It's hard to control myself everytime I see them on display not to buy more!

  3. Wow - I'm a bit funny with pinks but that is truly a great colour when it's on! It's actually got some depth to it

  4. Nice haul! My mom thinks I need the whole HD set. Can't wait to see them swatched! Nice pink!

  5. Ohhh; Dita is gorgeous! I love those brights, especially for summer ;)
    I will have to check out eBay to see if I can get my hands on those SH:s; they look awesome!! Can't wait to see your swatches of them.

  6. Lucy, blue was the first I reached for as well, three coats here as well (pics tom!) They really are pretty though!

    Mary, wow I totally should have used self control when I saw the display. I squee'd and went right for it. >.<

    Nixxy it really is quite a pink, has quite a bit of punch without being super Barbie.

    kitty, your mum is right! mwahahahah I mean, um. hmm errr. ;)

    Vanessa they just showed up in my area, apparently they'd been out a while eleswhere (I heard?) so maybe eBay! ^^ Looking forwards to swatching these so much.

  7. don't you just hate how expensive SH is? I know I do! I'm also thinking how many China glazes I could buy for the price of a whole SH collection! I love the rainbow look of the polishes.

  8. You go girl! I've had cashiers make comments too. I wish they wouldn't,what does it matter to them! Pretty bright Zoya pink. Looks nice on you.

  9. the 3rd to last sally hansen hd polish is actually called resolution not pixel pretty, i should know I bought it the day they came out.