Monday, June 29, 2009

Comparison of ManGlaze's The Death Tar and Zoya's Dovima

As the title says, here is a comparison of ManGlaze's The Death Tar and Zoya's Dovima next to each other. Both are lovely matte blacks, will have to also show Knock Out's Flatte, which is darker than both of these. On my ring and pinky nails are Zoya's Dovima and middle and index are ManGlaze's The Death Tar, they are nearly identical to each other to the naked eye right down to brush stroke appearances. Formula wise is where they differ, and that difference is huge.

The Death Tar applies evenly and is much thinner and easier to control. Both are shown with two coats applied. I definitely recommend ManGlaze's The Death Tar though. Still need to get Flatte up to compare next to these, think it is still my fav. ^^


Outdoors, cloudy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Zoya Dovima Polish

Back from the tattoo shop ^^ Fresh new anchor and stars, very lovely, ow and all. But, let's get on to the Dovima review, and I must say it isn't the best. Pictures first.

Two coats, indoor lighting.

Outside, barely a bit of sun shining through.

The formula on this was so thick, and wasn't really a quick dry like most of the matte polishes on some fingers it did dry quickly on some it smeared right off and application was horrid, it rolled right off the edges thickly on some nails. Plus the wear was bad, already I'm chipping badly and it has only been a few hours time.

Will have to do a comparison for color next to ManGlaze's The Death Tar and Knock Out Cosmetic's Flatte, already I can tell you it looks closer to The Death Tar and really ladies, I say spend your money on ManGlaze's The Death Tar and skip Dovima. Plus the clean up was ghastly, usually you can slough the matte stuff off your skin fairly easily, this was sticky as all get out. I hate to give a bad review, really I do but this just wasn't up to snuff.

Posh was lovely, and am looking forwards to swatching Loredana, am hoping that this one was just a dud.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zoya Posh Polish (Matte)

Here's my first go with Zoya's matte collection in Posh, the red of the group. A very satiny finish rather than super super flat. Quite pretty though, am super pleased with it.

Two coats, indoors.

Outdoors, overcast. Where's the sun? Fnnar!

Because of super busy things going on I've gotten a bit behind in a lot of areas, so hopefully in the next couple of days I'll get back up to speed and next week get the contest up and sorted, I'm really sorry about the delay on that.

Reading a delightfully scary book called The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters right now, really digging it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zoya's Matte Collection

Woot! Look what arrived last night, boing! Zoya's Matte Collection! Haulzilla!

from left to right; Posh, Dovima and Loredana.

Hopefully pictures posted tonight of Posh, because that is so calling my name to be tried out first. ^^

Monday, June 22, 2009

Illamasqua Phallic!

Must preface this with the fact that the pictures couldn't capture how gorgeous this polish actually is, I may need to redo these pictures at another time. I was so impressed by the formula of Illamasqua's Phallic, all the shimmer was just amazing. Two coats probably could have been used but I went for three which really darkened it up because at the length there was a bit of bare spots. A top coat of Poshe was added. ^^

Phallic indoor lighting.

Outdoors, sunlight.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Illamasqua Muse, Mini Haul

My Illamasqua polishes came!

Look at the gorgeous packaging, the middle package was Muse, I just loved the design of the box.

From left to right : Envy, Muse and Phallic.

Muse indoors. Two coats, no top coat, lovely creme application. I jammed my middle finger just before I took the picture hence why the polish is lifted there :/ Grr. No reflection on the formula, just my being clumsy at the time.

Muse outdoors, sunlight.

Sally Hansen HD Cyber

Have a back to back post today, I didn't put it all together in case it made it too picture heavy. Here's my third going out with a Sally Hansen HD and still enamored. Yet another glow and pigment heavy polish. Also another three coater, with that weird build up at the bottom which I'm thinking is just that it doesn't play nice with Poshe. Will try the next HD with a different top coat and see if that makes a difference.

This is Cyber which is a gorgeous purple which has these amazing pinkish and bluish hues to it.



My Illamasqua polishes came and wow am I floored at them. Just blown away at the packaging alone, the shades are just...well you'll see ~.^

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty Polish

Here's Pixel Pretty, another of the HD Sally Hansen Collection. I also wasn't sure about this one at first glance because it had a bit of a yellow cast to it, and that doesn't really suit my skin tone. But that amazing glow to it took over and won me over! The glow is amazing, like Blu, perhaps not as pronounced but certainly eye catching.

It did require three coats for full coverage, and a top of Poshe. The outdoor pic it shows up strangely pooled at the bottom which it doesn't in the indoor shot, and isn't like that IRL, I think that had to do either with the angle I took the shot at, and the clean up stage. So please disregard the strange look at the bottoms of the outdoor picture. Had to preface it, because it looks quite odd.

Indoor lighting.

Outdoors, slightly cloudy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Blu Polish

Of the Sally Hansen HD polishes tried Blu first, it really grew on me. Wasn't super sure of how well I liked it on at first, but it just absolutely glows and catches the light. Has garnered quite a few compliments. Another three coat polish just to get things completely even, top coat of Poshe.

Indoor lighting.

Outdoors, sunlight. The strange look is clean up strange the Poshe pulled the excess up a bit and I thought I shifted it before taking the picture.

Think I might try Pixel Pretty next.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NYC Electric Nail Glossies in Midnight

I've had this one kicking around for quite a while, might even be a year or two, but I think I've seen ones lingering in Rite Aid from this collection in displays here or there. This is NYC's Electric Nail Glossies in Midnight. The square cap on this one comes off and reveals a thin wand.

Was a three coater for a bit of thin spots in color and it just sat strangely on some nails aside from the Poshe drying it nicely. Like it looked like it dried in a wave on two nails, which I couldn't document at all, yet on other nails perfect application. I'm stymied! While it isn't a duochrome it sometimes took on the look of a more teal than midnight blue in the blackened base, all and all it wasn't a bad polish. Just an odd one; slightly inconsistent.

Indoor lighting.

Outdoors, sunlight.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Zoya Dita Polish, Sally Hansen HD Polishes!

Finally gave Zoya's Dita a go and I love it, quite a bright fuschia pink, not quite retina burning but still very vibrant, not a sedate pink that is for sure!

Indoor lighting. Two coats, Poshe top. Not the best clean up, the Poshe is near to the bottom and is gobbing up and the bottom of my nails it seems at close inspection.

Outdoors, overcast. Truer to color than the indoor lighting.

Finally at CVS they've stocked the Sally Hansen HD polishes, and I was the first at them lol, got the entire row of the display. The checkout girl thought I was crazy, she said she'd never seen anyone buy so much polish before. Came off my no buy with a vengeance, am now on one again having bought so much now. Hopefully by the end of next week will have contest stuff at the ready (Have some fun stuff!). Need to work out other details but will sort that out as well. Click on the small picture to enlarge.

from left to right.

Hi-Res, Digital, Three D, Lite, BLU, Pixel Pretty, Hi-Def and Cyber.

Looking forwards to trying these so much, seen some amazing swatches floating around.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Butter London Chimney Sweep

Here's another of my Butter polishes, this time it is a super shiny grey called Chimney Sweep, it is very nearly black but falls short of it and it is shiny once its on, but I do have a top coat of Poshe on, so I must add that disclaimer. There are three coats of Chimbley on ^^. The outdoor picture you can really see the shine. Sorry not the best of clean up here. The formula on this one was great, I could have gotten away with just the two coats.

Indoor lighting.

Outdoors, overcast.

Have some lovely Illamasqua" polishes on their way to me that I am very excited about. ^^ Like a lot of people Phallic was one of my purchases. So gorgeous. Check out this post @ Bring on the Bling showing just how beautiful it is.

Close on the nerdery again. @E3 they released the trailer for FFXIV, the New MMORPG coming next year and look hi rez choco! How cute. Looks hefty on the same looking hume guy. ZOMG. But still. Have enough to get through in XI, but can't say I'm not curious about XIV Oh, yes trailer. Where's the taru?!!! Embedded below.

Oh the Official XIV site is up with screenies & trailer @

Monday, June 1, 2009

Zoya Rihana Polish

Ugh had a lovely dentist appt. today, not fun! Ahh well. But I do have lovely pictures of Zoya's Rihana polish. Plus it is sunny today, so I can not complain. ^^ Ok, onto the lovely bottle shot! Bottle shot!!!!!!!!!

Indoor lighting, three coats and a top of Poshe. This looks very lit from within. Actually this looks a lot like, except with a more burgandy than red tint of course, like the later releases of Urban Decay's Gash polish. It has that same deep glow about it.

Outdoors, in the sunlight.

Hmm, considering buying and Illamasqua or two this month. So many pretty shades to choose from. Ahhh what to do, what to do! lol.

Close with something nerdy, let's see in XI got my WHM to 71/72 solely on Campaign and two Besiegeds. That is bad. Server hop maybe XD Nah.