Friday, April 17, 2009

ManGlaze Polish ,BPAL Tray...

Here's ManGlaze's Fuggen Ugly. Have to say, it's foxy as all get out. A lovely flat gunmetal grey. I think it's perfect for the this length of nails, when my nails are short like this I love a strong shade.

Oh! My BPAL haul came yesterday. The Labbies are crazy fast these days. Could hardly believe it, that they've arrived. Today I'm wearing Velvet Unicorn, and I love the label art. It smells what I thought Dirty Pillowcase was going to smell. I'm smell like yummy sugaaaah!

Talking of BPAL, I made another BPAL tray, lacquering various BPAL inserts onto a basic wood serving tray. This one has a two of the Carnival Diabolique tickets one front side and one reverse a long with some of the postcards. Click on both for larger pictures if you'd like to see it more clearly. ^^

Here's the first one I made from a couple years ago.

Would love to make more, but the shop near me doesn't offer the same sort of lacquer so I need to look around for some.

I want my own PS3, playing it is so fun, I need to commit to this console. XD


  1. What a cool polish color! I like wearing a strong color too,when the nails are shorter. I'm digging the designs you made on the wooden trays. Very cool!! My hubby had a hard time deciding on weather to get the PS3 or the x-box 360. In the end he bought the x-box 360. I have no idea what was the deciding!

  2. Velvet, thanks I like ManGlaze, relatively cheap too! Love making trays, hope to make more if I can ever find a comparable lacquer. :) For me I think the factor will be that Little Big Planet is for PS3 lol and that is so much fun!

  3. Your Bpal trays are gorgeous!
    I've always wanted to try them but never have.