Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nars Orgasm, Thanks Ladies! DSi,'Mania

First off I want to say a big blushing thank you to two lovely ladies, Nixxy (Nixxy's Nails) and Brooke (Getcha Nails Did) for sending a shout out to my blog here. I am so flattered and my sincere hope is that I can provide a blog that is as humorous and swatch filled hotness as yours are ladies. *^^* Thank you again!

Orgasm time. Well, Nars time anyways. This is two coats of Orgasm which is as lovely as the blush and gloss are. For complete coverage three coats is in order, which I think I'll slap on because...well you saw the state of my nails rocking sheer. Not good at the moment lol. Plus I broke my index fingernail which is vexing, because the second I break one I like to file them all to like length and they just got longish. Blast!

Oh check out this cute hot pink and turquoise glitter nail polish atHot Topic, I always like to nab their polishes as they are cheap and not a bad formula, sometimes the handling leaves a bit to be desired. But look how cute that is.

Hmm, I know several people who are champing at the bit to get their mitts on The Nintendo DSi. Mind you it looks amazing with all the new features, and I certainly do want one...down the road. Hopefully there will be a pink one in future. Available at midnight, in blue and black. Looks fun as all hell. Don't know if I need one per sae, my regular DS is wonderful, besides I imagine I can pinch one from friends to try out. I hope. Pretty sure my nephws are all about it. Here's my hot nerdery pink DS. Replete with dog chew marks in corner and Boba Fett. XD

Talking of nephews one painted his a vibrant blue today, he's a Jeff Hardy fan, and digs painting his nails on the week-ends :) We are getting Wrestlemania tom. at the house so it will be all kinds of loud and tacky tomorrow. There will be much carbo loading in the form of pizza and whatever junky stuff we can find. Should be a wild time had by all.

Was able to get a June appt. with Mark at Spilt Milk! Which is awesome considering his wait times! Very excited, one of my sisters just got another piece by Mark thursday and it's gorgeous! Plus my brother's sleeve is on the wall there, which will be fun to see.


  1. Chic, that's gorgeous on you. I find Nars polishes peculiar because I really only think of them as like make-up, shadow, mascara, not really /nail polish/, but they're pretty good.

    And Hot Topic polishes rock, I just hate the bottle!


  2. Oh those Hot Topic bottles rot, drip from above, but they do have cute shades I couldn't resist the call of hot pink and turquoise glitter combination. :)

    I tend not to think of Nars off the bat when I go for polishes, just when I'd seen there was a polish based off Orgasm I had to have it. ^^ Even though the handle is fiddly.

  3. Thats a nice sheer. For some odd reason,I've been thinking I need a few. I guess to round out the old nail polish collection. Have a good time tomorrow watching Wrestlemania!!!

  4. Sheer's are nice to have as an option, and this peachy gold shade is just win, I'd love to find a dupe of it. Thanks :) can't wait to watch, should be fun! Here's hoping lol ^^