Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nars Ziggy,Rocky,Orly

Here's Nars' Ziggy, it is cute, but the formula was just not fantastic. Very streaky this one was. It is such a gorgeous shimmery almost buttery gold. Does not at all suit my skin tone. Blech. Pale and pink ftl!! Naah just gold doesn't suit me. Heh.

Putting in on it reminded me a lot of Chanel's (Petillant) Shine.

They are certainly closely matched Ziggy being a touch warmer.

Thought I'd spruce Ziggy up with a coat (will add another I think) of Orly's Prisma Gloss Gold.

Oh they match an old pair of Kaos eyelets! Would downsize to match lol, they are cute!

What a mess I made of this hasty mani, ordered some more of those correction pens when I caved and purchased Revvvolution, so this time I will be honouring the non messy pics when I have more. Oh and for fun I thought I'd post a picture of my Rocky Johnson, he is sat on a suction cup, he knocked over his hammock that was attached to the cup. lol. Isn't he handsome? ^^

Played FFXI, and didn't get my en spells, a friend was able to locate some of the new WHM spells for me though. Quelle surprise another maintenance today. There is always maintenance after maintenance. Should just announce it will be two days in a row. Oh Squeenix. XD


  1. Love that color!
    Your snake is awesome. I kind of want a snake... I like them, but some are scary. LOL :D

  2. I like that color. I don't have either polish. I'm not a big fan of! But I can admire how pretty he is!

  3. Some are scary! Fortunately Rocky isn't a scary guy, or away lol! :)
    Wish that these didn't look so butt on me, because in bottle they are so pretty. ^^

  4. Those polish colors wouldn't work for me either :/ Rocky is a handsome dude, but you need to do a complimentary nail polish and use him as a prop!

  5. Mary that's a fantastic idea! I will do that for sure :)

  6. What a beautiful snake! Is he hard to take care of? Great idea of Mary's to do a complimentary nail polish.

  7. fortunately he's quite easy to take care of and very friendly to boot :)

  8. Awww... I used to have a black and white (gah, I forget what kind he was) but he was gorgeous. Popped the top of his cage and slithered out a hole in the screen of my 2nd story bedroom window. I miss him. RIP. This was a good 10 yrs ago but he was a cute snake.