Thursday, April 2, 2009

CG Black Diamond

Hmm, here's a snap of China Glaze's Black Diamond after two coats. It is really pretty, and not what I'd expected. It more heavily leans towards a dark gun metal grey then black, there are slight hints of blue. Really quite like it.

Am on a makeup jones today, really trying to resist the call of the tinted Sin Urban Decay Primer Potion sold at Sephora as I love the original formula so much, the tinted is being all siren songin' it.

Also, really and making goo goo eyes at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip balm in Tarred. Am a fan of black sheer glosses and lippy for the way they darken. I have Lipstick Queen's lippy in Black Tie Optional, but don't want to plunk $22 for the gloss as well so I generally slap Cover Girl's Wetslicks Amazemint (mmm minty!) in Happy Hour over it. (The CG gloss is very sheer with a blue tint). Hell I slap that over Nars' Orgasm gloss as well, brings up the shine nicely and again that minty feel!

The OCC balm is just $10 comparatively. I have to say I adore Lipstick Queen's packaging on the lippy, will need to snap up a picture.

Am so looking forwards to my KO Karen to arrive. /dance!


  1. I'm sooooo glad I don't have a makeup compulsion to have to deal with along with my nail polish addiction. I feel for you :)

    I like the color, I don't think I remember anything about this one..... will have to check it out.

    Do you remember if I did a post about your blog? I can't remember if I did a new blogs on the block for you!!! Let me know, if I didn't I will be sure and get that done for you :)

  2. It is hard to resist, fortunately nail polish is the star..aside from brow and lash stuffy.

    The was one of the polishes I bought at Sally, and I must say it looks completely different in their florescent lighting! Still really digging Black Diamond though!

    I don't think you did! Oh would absolutely appreciate that! ^^

  3. That's a nice color! I don't have black diamond. My local Sally's has it in stock and I've picked up the bottle in the store but just wasn't sure if I'd like it. Plus store lighting not the greatest! Hmmm...(thinking now),lol!!!

  4. Not to push it, but I have the new UDPP in sin and I loooove it, Sorry again :)

  5. Nessa, oh no lol! Must have UDPP! Must have! ^^

    I wasn't sure about it either Velvet, I think I put it back about twice before making the decision to purchase it. Well worth it imho!

    Olivia C it is pretty sweet, do like a gunmetal shade! :)

  6. I so did not know you had a blog until I read about it on Nixxy's blog. I am happy I saw that! I had clicked on you when you added as a follower on my blog and didn't see a link to your blog. This makes me happy :) Anyway, I love the Primer Potion in tinted. Sometimes I just wear it with a little liner and no eyeshadow!

  7. I do! I actually have a nail polish named "gunmetal"

  8. Body and Soul uh oh that was the last push I needed to grab UDPP in Sin. If I can hit Sephora with a one item mission that's the one lol! I love your blog btw, all the great tips and hot polish action!

    Do you Olivia C? That's awesome!

  9. I also have an eyeshadow and lipstick obsession. Thanks for the links, I'm going to check them out. I would love to have all the lipsticks from the Lipstick Queem. I have the rose set. Lipstick, nail polish and eyeshadow what's a girl to do!