Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BPAL update! FFXI

Wahey, it's BPAL's The Salon: Velvet Paintings. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page. This update is fantastic I snagged myself Velvet Clown,Velvet Pink Kitty, Velvet Tiger and Velvet Unicorn! Just read those descriptions, they are going to be phenomenal!!!

Just mini squee, I'm sure there was something I meant to write about or some hot polish action. It will come to me...eventually ^^

Am downloading my FFXI, post maintenance/Crystalline Prophecy update. New stuff for RDM and WHM. Been waiting on it! More En spells!


  1. Sounds interesting! Gonna go check it out.

  2. OMG You play FFXI too?! I'm installing my update right now! This Red Mage is very happy indeed.

  3. Velvet, I highly recommend them, BPAL makes the most luxurious perfume oils, Snake Oil is a must have!

    Scrangie, ^^I do, just can't give up FFXI, am all rdm all the time...well most of the time <3 my main! Spent ages in temple ugly trying to get en spells, it was packed! What server are you on?

  4. Temple Ugly, LOL!! I love it! I didn't even try- saw it was crazy, logged off. Then, surprise! More maintenance!

    I'm on Fairy :)