Friday, April 24, 2009

Knock Out Cosmetics Wahey

Was perusing the fan page of Knock Out Cosmetics well more precisely their Facebook page and ahoy new polishes! There's a green called Liberty which looks aptly like a green patina. Green! /dance +1.

Also coming is a deep purple called Ox (hope it's Ox bloody, that'd be pr0n). As well as shades called Concrete, Pool, Nude and Chocolate which from the small picture also look perfectly named. My greedy mitts want them all! All I tell you. On the page it says that Concrete and Pool will be released mid-May, Nude and Chocolate mid fall.

The page says that Liberty shall be released next week, and the week following Ox shall.

Ridiculously excited by these new shades, do go look at the pics toute de suite!

Liberty, though wow can't wait till my digits are rocking it!


  1. Girl I swear I sometimes have no idea what you are talking about, lmao! But that's one of the reasons I adore your blog so! It's so different I never know what you will post about next!

    I saw Liberty on Scrangie's blog, I wondered when you were going to notice that! The purple and chocolate sound cool, can't wait to see them.

  2. Heheh, I'm so excited about the new colors, Liberty looks sick! Can't wait to see how it looks next to Peppermint Patti (will toss a flat top on it).

  3. How exciting these colors are. Shame they are so darn expensive! Hopefully someone can come up with the same colors and finish much cheaper. I really would like olive in this finish. That may tempt me.

  4. Oh an Olive would be great! The price is a big downfall, I know they are new and are high end but $22 is Chanel dollarinies. Even just a small cut in price would be wonderful.