Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Creative Turquoise Tint,Lauder Midnight

Wanted to give sheer another go, regardless of my nails having hot staining action from the glut of darker shades I normally wear. This is two coats of Creative's Turquoise Tint which is still sheer, a third would probably rock full coverage. The name is misleading however, I don't see turquoise at all it is a pastel green shimmer. Really gorgeous IMHO but quite far from turquoise. It does look it in bottle though, certainly worth the purchase. ^^

Got my email notice that my bottle of Karen from Knock Out Cosmetics is on the way. Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited +1!

Seche Vite Restore'd an ancient bottle of Estee Lauder Perfect Finish Nail Lacquer in Midnight within a inch of it's life (with aide of clear polish). This came out around the same time that the original release of Chanel's Vamp if I recall correctly. It's a blackened shimmering purple and it was impossible to get a good shot of it. This was one of my sister's fav. polishes so hoping to surprise her with it. Worked well tried it on, but didn't think to take a shot.


  1. I bet Turquoise Tint would look awesome over black. I would usually yell in frustration over sheers, but putting it over black has given me new appreciation for them.

  2. I like that Creative. Agree with Asian Girl, it would look great over darker colors as well. Your sis should be very happy!

  3. Ooh, I like that idea as well! Definitely going to try that this week, the green shimmer would be an insane addition. ^^

    Hope she will be, running the bottle over to her today!

  4. I was just going to say what the asian girl did, it would look awesome over black or maybe even a dark blue too!