Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glamour with Nfu Oh 52, DS yammering.

I really am fond of DS Glamour, it is just such an amazing shade, never mind the holo! But I wanted to make it extra shiney so I added a coat of Nfu Oh 52 which lent it a more violet shade with the infamous chunky glitter. That pro wide brush though, it is just as fiddly as the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry one imho.

Saw an advert about trading in old DSes can fetch seventy dollars off the new DSi. Ayii temptation. Grrr argh! Don't really need it. Think other thoughts, like nail polish thoughts or saving up for aforementioned PS3 console. Or bill thoughts. Probably the latter. XD


  1. This is so rich and saturated in color! I'm loving it! Great layering idea! Yes...think happy nail polish thoughts or about that! I's hard with so many other temptations out there!

  2. Very pretty and glittery. Love it!