Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some UD and HD Catalogue Pics,Elijah Lucian/YTCracker,Blythe

First off I'd like to preface by saying my mirrors are up for my old (late nineties early 00s)UD and HC Pages are up, that had scans of polishes and catalogue materials. A fun make up time capsule. They are located here: Urban Decay and Hard Candy respectively. ^^

But I thought I'd post some newer shots of, like this picture from a Hard Candy catalogue showing the range of polishes at that time. I found this particular cache of Urban Decay and Hard Candy catalogues stored with two Auraze catalogues (remember those giant rave pants and ripstop skirts?) dated 1999! So that puts somewhat a date on these.

Here's some fun promo items, coasters showing a makeup look by Urban Decay, on the backside lists products used as well as a cheesey pick up line with a space to put your name and number to hand out.

Ah what else, oh the dog bowl from the Todd Oldham Urban Animal Collection.

Will make a shorter sig/url insert, think that was my artwork one. Much too bulky for these. XD

Purchased Elijah Lucian's album and highly recommend it. If you purchase it, you also get the download straight away so you can play it before the physical copy arrives. I'd heard him singing on YTCracker's Serious Business album on the tracks Hardly Tell (and the remix of) Lay Downand Over and Over (which I highly recommend, is teh cheap on iTunes; worth admission price with the song I am a Pirate WIN!). Which are amazing, and you can hear YT on Elijah Lucian's album on the track You Say as well. Much praise!

Closing this post with a picture of my custom Blythes one is a zombie. XD Zombies Organize! My nephew helped me out with the posing and hooked me up with the GI Joe weaponry. We took a bunch of different pictures that day, this is my particular fav. though ^^


  1. Those dolls are cute... One is a zombie? She is a little to pretty for a zombie,

    I found your Hard Candy/UD page a while ago. I never had any of those, but I did have the Revlon knock-off, Street Wear

  2. Loved Street Wear stuff, still use it here and there! Yes the one in the straight jacket has all milky zombie eye chips ^^ But she is cute as pie.
    Wish they still made the Street Wear line. Was nice to have all those shades in a cheaper alternative.

  3. That's some classic UD and HC material! I love the faces on those dolls, very cute.

  4. ^^ Have fun posing them, I love their big apple size heads. Was psyched to come across those catalogues again!