Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Butter London Mariner

Here's a lovely vampy blackened green I've been wanting to wear for a while but hadn't when I'd the longer nails. Butter London's Mariner. This shows up so dark,very nearly black. Check it out in the bottle.

In fact once on you can it is hard to detect the green, but it super pretty. The only way to clearly see it start green is to see the hot mess the first coat leaves, which is a streaky horror, but the second coat adheres like a dream and all is forgiven. Really the second coat takes away the horror of the first. The square bottle is fiddly to deal with. But I'm showing the first coat because it does show the green base. Mess below, take a sedative before looking!

Two coats of Mariner, indoor lighting, with a top coat of Poshe.

Outdoor, sunlight.


  1. Wow!It's amazing that it goes from the light green, on the first coat. To super dark on the second! I'll have to remember that this is a blackened green...not just black.(I've been eye balling Butter London on-line) I actual thought it was a black. Thanks for posting it. It looks stunning by the way!

  2. Interesting how light it is then so dark! I like it though. How do these wear? I've heard both good and bad and would like to try a few of their shades.

  3. I almost got this one! I thought it was a navy blue lol! I love it anyways looks good on you. And your nails look really nice, perfect shape!!!

  4. That is so cool ! At first I though that these are two different polishes ! lol....

  5. Velvet the green tone is so pretty, no amount of lighting change seems to capture it on camera though because it is fairly subtle. Really pretty though irl! Butter makes pretty polishes, they do need top coats though.

    Mary, as for the wear it is good as long as there is a top coat, I've worn it without one and cleaned and it has gone dingy and milky but when worn with one it wears beautifully it seals it perfectly.

    Kitty, I highly recommend it, it is just this side of black, you can see the green in the blackness. Totally cute!

    Isn't it amazing Tuli, how one coat makes such a huge difference? ^^

  6. I've never used Butter London polish. I like the color. Glad the second coat makes such a difference. Looks pretty on you.