Friday, May 15, 2009

Full Hand Amour Rainbow Hologram/Revlon Black Lingerie

First of all I'd like to thank you for all the input, I'll reply here instead of replying in the comments. I truly appreciate your taking the time out to comment and I'm totally going to implement a lot of it! I've got an idea brewing about a giveaway that hopefully I can have going at the beginning of the month as well now.

<3s ladies!

I'd been concerned because I'd lost a follower and you are all super dear to me, so any thing I can do to improve and keep you engaged is something important!

I reckon the FFXI post is what caused it lol. Can't promise something that horribly dirty nerdy wont happen again in future! Will try and keep that to a minimum.

Decided to retry Amour's Rainbow Hologram with the Revlon Black Lingerie tips, with Poshe top coat. I'd shown it on just one nail the other day because I'd rushed it and gotten frustrated. It was worth redoing, and I think I'd like to get more of these Amour (Unique Ruby not withstanding! hur hur!)

Indoor lightning.

Outdoors,really shows the iridescent sparkles. Such a milky pink base too, that builds on a second coat, but this is just one coat over the black with the Poshe top. Again sorry about the clean up, corrector pen ahoy and better remover.


  1. I am really loving that outdoor shot, so purple and glittery! Don't feel bad about the lost follower (tell us who it is and we'll boycott them...I'm kidding!). I think like that too when a follower disappears, I take it personally for a few minutes, but then I gain more and all is forgotten (well, almost all, I'm too sentsitive for my own good). I can't stop staring at those purple tips :)

  2. I agree with Mary - the outside shot is killer!

    And the dropped follower should just do what I do - and skip over the FFXI stuff! lol - I don't even know what FFXI is, lmao! But seriously, don't take it too personally, you would much rather keep your loyal followers anyway - we luv ya just the way you are, nerdery and all :)

    And of course, you know I am always quick to help out nail blogs, so anything I can do to send some love your way I certainly will. Let me know if you think of anything I can do, ok?

  3. p.s. You got me curious just what the heck FFXI was, so I had to look it up on the internet - guess I have a little nerdery in me too! lol

    Have a great weekend !!!

  4. I have to agree outdoors is the winner! looks great! Oh and about that follower... don't sweat it! Your blog is awesome and your super cool too!

  5.'s completely different looking out doors! Cool! Yes...losing a follower can hurt, and make us wonder what are we doing wrong. But in the end. We can't please every body. And we have to,"roll on". That's what my husband would! And I believe he's correct. So... roll on! I love to read your blog!

  6. I don't know about the game you play either. I just skip over that part. It's not going to kill me to do that. I really enjoy your blog. Don't worry about one person. You can never please everyone. We all love you and enjoy your writing and photos. Love the manicure.