Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FFXI Anni Ring Time. Stats Ahoy. Geekery Inside.

So it is time that the Anniversary XP band is released, joy and rapture. Not sure which job I'll bung the uses on, either finish out WHM or ease the pain of BLM lvling with. But with the mog giving you your band you also get your yearly updated stats of various things like...

KO'd : 1260 deaths. I'd of thought it'd be more with Campaign/Besieged and my nasty habit of getting ganked purposely by Blackbeard fishing. That's over the course of four years.

Battles fought: 49954. Although I did Campaign so I'm sure it's gone over since I reckon the numbers go per mob.

Defeated: 35312 of the above mobs. Wahey.

GM calls : 3. How helpful were they. 0. Sorry. How many I've seen in 4 years. 3! Sick gear though worth a look should people be shouting one is around lol.

Frightening chat frequency number I'm not even going to show, etc.

Got to 17 fishing, not on purpose, am fishing up nebs like crazy for money as I don't have the patience to farm my new tier two En spells or the rest of my new WHM spells. Plus I plunked a shazz load on a HQ Dark staff upgrade...finally because I'm cheap with the gil. Farming is the devil. Might have to sell my blau. Naaah.


  1. LOL! I don't play video games, but that was awesome to read! I'm happy for you though, you sound very excited!

  2. I always love hearing your FF stories - they make me reminisce LOL. Especially the part about getting to 17 fishing not on purpose ... oh, poor FF fishing, always going though so many trials and tribulations ... it was my first and favorite craft, through all the changes, & the first one I made it to 100 with.

    If you get interested in taking it a little more seriously, I would suggest checking out Titanictus.com. I haven't been by since I left the game, but I'm sure it's still a helpful community =) It was my favorite forum when I played.

  3. Heheh kitty, I love reading my stats and seeing how my fun yet waste of time plays out. Fascinain to me lol!

    Colette, oh wow I'll check out Titanictus, I might as well lvl it up, wood as well so I ca aim for Lu's to break and resynth on boat trips. ^^

  4. The ferry was always one of my favorite places to fish - nothing like seeing the Horror pop & pwn everyone on the boat without Sneak LOL