Friday, May 1, 2009

Petite Haul,Mad About Mango Polish, Smith's Lippy

Humming, coming atcha. Or something.

Righty, here's Mad About Mango, another of Revlon's scented line. I was surprised how well I liked it on, it pools a bit, but more fault lays with the fact of my application, must try and master applying above instead or right down in there. The scent, well it smells like any and all kinds of Hubba Bubba gum, ever, stronger than Not so Blue-Berry that's for sure. ^^

Here's my petite Nyx haul, three polishes that came in a box that could have shipped twenty, lol. These are gorgeous.

From left to right is Titanic,Purple Avenue and Asphalt. I'd had to have Asphalt after seeing swatches, anything black and with any hint of rainbow I must get my greedy mitts on.

Decided to try on Purple Avenue first, it has this amazing large chunky holographic glitter, reminds me of some Nfu Oh's. I'm wearing three coats and it gives this light flush of purple to the nails, I like how subtle it is. Bet this would be forgiving if you chipped it. Also this would make a dead lovely top coat. But I do recommend a clear coat over it, not from lack of shine but that not all the glitter lays flat, it is more of a bumpy texture.

Lastly, have to go on about Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm.

I didn't take a picture inside, because the pot has seen a lot of use and you don't need to see that lol. Horrors! But I must say how lovely it feels, there is a hint of peppermint that isn't over bearing and rose oils. The shade is a reddish pink that goes on quite sheer for just a tint of pink, it moisturizes and is glossy. Lips feel very kissy in it. (Is that a word? XD) Highly recommend it!


  1. Hubba Bubba - - - oh the childhood memories of Hubba Bubba! Great NYX haul. I have the last two colors, but not the Titanic one, but it sure loooks pretty!

  2. That Smith's lip balm sounds like it wouldfeel good to wear. Where would I find that? Your NYX hau looks great and I haven't tried my Mango polish yet, but it looks very pretty on you :)

  3. Mad about mango looks amazing with your skin tone! I can only hope it looks okay on! Nice NYX polishes ya got there! Talk to ya later!

  4. Thanks ladies :) Was really surprised how much I liked it, have a thing for orange lately. Mary, the Smith's lippy is available at Sephora : The Rosebud Brambleberry one is lovely as well.
    Oh Mary, Velvet try it on, I want to see :)

  5. Hi and love the Mango on you. Very pretty! I have the Nyx Asphalt, just got it the other day. They were having a fantastic sale on some bundled up products. I bought some polish also. I've never used their polish. Can't wait to try Asphalt with all those glimmery colors in it.